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Subject: 1990s and the 1950s

Written By: Ryan112390 on 03/06/10 at 3:28 pm

I've noticed a lot of similarities between the '90s and '50s.

-Both were periods of general peace (no major wars) and economic prosperity; The Eisenhower Boom of the '50s and the Clinton Boom of the '90s
-A wave of conservatism culturally and politically swept the nation; In the 1950s it was the widespread fear/hate of communismm, in the 90s it was the militia movement and the ''Contract with America''
-A new and what seemed to be revolutionary counter-culture swept the nation amongst the youth; In the 1950s, it was the Beatniks; In the 1990s, the Grungers and Neo-Beatniks.
-Both periods were in America dominated by a politically moderate, well liked and popular President who served two terms Ike (1953-2001) and Clinton (1993-2001). The final year of their years in office both culminated in what were the most disputed and closest elections in US history (Kennedy v. Nixon, 1960; Bush v. Gore, 2000). Both elections were hotly debated by many and ended with the presiding president's successor losing to an opponent who came from a powerful and influential family.
-The foreign affairs of both Presidents, while seemingly successful at the time, laid the path for future foreign policy blunders (Ike getting us involved with Vietnam in the 1950s, Clinton paving the Iraq War with the 1998 change of regime document).
-Both were eras of consumerism driven by the new demands of a HUGE baby boom generation (the Baby Boomers and the Neo-Boomers or Generation Y).
-Both were watershed years for Congress--In 1954 the Democrats gained control of Congress and helped determine the policies of the nation for years after; in 1994 the Republicans gained control of Congress and shaped the politics of the nation for years later.
-Both were periods of scientific boom (the Space Race and Nuclear technology of the '50s; the Computer boom and Cloning in the '90s)
-Both were heralded by the mainstream breakthrough of a traditionally African American music  (Rock in the 50s, Rap in the 90s)

Minute details but: Both were eras in which goatees were HUGE amongst young counter cultural men (in the 50s Beatniks wore goatees, in the 90s Grungers wore goatees). Prior to the 90s the goatee was considered laughable and had negative connotations, as was the goatee prior to the 50s. Both were eras in which young men wore flannel.

along with the rise of beatniks (Beatniks in the 50s, grungers and neo-Beatniks in the 90s), the rise of interesting, new science (Space technology in the '50s, cloning and computers in the 90s), a moderate president who served two terms which produced economic booms (Ike, who served 1953-2001 in the 50s, Clinton who served 1993-2001 in the 90s). Also, in 1954 and 1994 there was a dramatic shift in Congress

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