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Subject: Anyone remember / know the name of this powdered drink mix from the 90s?

Written By: ILikeFinePointPens on 05/19/11 at 4:44 pm

Hi all,

Some time back in the mid to late 90s I was at a K-Mart with my older cousin, and as we were waiting for my aunt to finish checking out, one of the K-Mart workers (was it the manager?) gave us each a packet of a brightly colored powder for free that you would add to your favorite drink. I think you would then put the drink in the fridge and it would gelatinize after a while.

I forget exactly what the packet looked like -- I want to say the packet itself was similar to the Big League Chew gum packets, but I'm not positive. I do know for sure there was a cartoonish image of a scientist on the packet.

This has always been a good memory for me but I never could remember the name of the product. Any ideas?

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