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Subject: Songs for each year of the '90s?

Written By: Ryan112390 on 05/26/11 at 6:41 pm

If you could pick a song that could sum up a year of your life--each year of the '90s--what would it be?
When I look back at home movies, pictures, etc from the various years, I always associate it with music from or around that time. It gives me a way to actually "experience" that period of time emotionally given what I know factually, if that makes sense. Like if the year is in black & white since I was a kid, the music gives it color. They're also songs that were listened to a lot in these particular periods in my household. I tend to life as like, a living TV show; every year is a new "season."

For example, for me (I break it down even further by Month but I won't go into that here:

1990: Just Another Day in Paradise, Phil Collins or Disappear- INXS
1991: Sad but True- Metallica, or Don't Damn Me, Guns N' Roses; Factory Girl, Rolling Stones
1992: Alive by Pearl Jam or No Rain by Blind Melon
1993: Black Number 1 - Type O Negative; Summer Breeze - Type O Negative
1994: Got Me Wrong- Alice in Chains; Surf Rider- Pulp Fiction soundtrack; Loser - Beck; Human Behavior- Bjork; Sweet Dreams by Eurymix; Sympathy for the Devil - Guns N' Roses; You Know You're Right- Nirvana; Black Hole Sun- Soundgarden; Dammit Janet-- Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack
1995: The Icicle Melts- The Cranberries; Zombie by the Cranberries; Touch of Grey - Grateful Dead; 1960s Batman Theme song (used to be hummed in the car while driving in this period); Rock N' Roll Hootchie Koo;
1996: Boot Camp- Soundgarden; Love You To Death- Type O Negative; Anxious Disease- The Outpatience; Bells of Notre Dame - Hunchback of Notre Dame soundtrack; Bleeding Me- Metallica; It's the End of the World as We Know It (and I Feel Fine)- R.E.M; Don't Fear the Reaper - Muttonbirds

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