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Subject: Goldeneye nostalgia coming back this fall!

Written By: preston181 on 08/21/11 at 1:25 am

I have a huge place for Goldeneye 64 in my 90's nostalgia box. It is the game that got my best friends of going on 15 years together for the first time.

I remember being in high school, and working at McDonald's. We hated the fast-food jobs, but it afforded us the ability to get a Nintendo 64, 4 controllers, and the Goldeneye 007 game for it. We spent so many days playing that game.

We'd load up on Arch Deluxes (with the heavily-peppered circular bacon, of course!), fajitas, and super-sized fries and shakes from McDonald's. Then, we'd climb into my buddy's beat up 1986 Crown Victoria, and blast Nine Inch Nails or Megadeth, while driving to his place, thirsty in anticipation for some 007 goodness. Once we got there, we'd make for his old man's den, which also doubled as his mother's storage room for stupid collectibles, (at that time, she was an avid collector of Beanie Babies.), and we would all gather around the old 27 inch console style television. Looking back, it was kind of a crappy deal for 4 player splitscreen, but this was before the high availability of affordable "big screen" TVs. We made due with what we had.

For us, Goldeneye 64 was the first and last of it's kind. It was the first multiplayer first person shooter game that wasn't a PC game, and it was the last great first person shooter before the whole "online gaming" phenomenon. If someone was being a jerk, you could literally punch them in the arm for it. There was no hacking, glitching, and cheating. It was true bliss.

Anyhow, fast forward to August 2011. We've had many rumors in the last five or so years of a port of the game being done by members of the original team for the Xbox Live Arcade, but that was killed due to non-cooperation on Nintendo's part. We've seen the use of the game's name to sell a crappy Goldeneye: Rogue Agent. 2010 saw the release of another Goldeneye on the Wii, featuring Daniel Craig as Bond. This October, we'll see a revamped version of that on the Xbox 360 and PS3. I will likely try it, just out of nostalgia's sake.

I wish I could report of better news, like the Xbox Live version actually seeing the light of day, but I fear it'll forever remain on the cutting room floor as "Project Bean".

Anyhow, does anyone else have fond memories of this game back in the 90's?

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