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Subject: I really miss 90's (and 80's) cars

Written By: <3the80s on 08/27/12 at 3:48 am

I never realized how much I liked 80's, 90's and early 00's cars until they started disappearing from the roads recently.
I was not following trends in car models back in the 90's as a child, but I remember watching a TV show where the prize was a brand new Ford. Every time I see a Ford Escort or a Ford Fiesta from the 90's (yep, I'm European ;)), they remind me of my childhood. I don't really miss 90's music and fashion, but I miss 90's cars. :) I especially miss 80's/90's/early 00's EU Fords. I actually think in the mid 90's (circa 1995-6) cars got uglier and too ovoid. I prefer the straight lines from the 80's and the early 90's and the new edge straight lines from the early 00's.

I also remember that in the early 90's there were still a lot of 80's cars on the streets. Do you miss older cars like I do? I miss the time when cars looked like cars and were not as over-sized and... fat and bulky! I hope there are other Europeans here, so they can relate to this:

Subject: Re: I really miss 90's (and 80's) cars

Written By: amjikloviet on 08/27/12 at 10:26 am

I know what you mean. We still have a teal 1991 isn't in very good condition though's OLD. It still runs and the automatic seat belts still work but it just looks horrid. For some reason though we can never part with it ;D

I always wonder why some modern cars weren't designed to have the automatic seat belt feature...

Subject: Re: I really miss 90's (and 80's) cars

Written By: Shiv on 08/28/12 at 5:08 pm

I miss them too. 80s cars have been completely gone from my area for years now and 90s cars are getting scarcer by the day. I love the clean lines, classy, spacious interiors and big windows of 80s and 90s cars. I don't like this wedge, slit window, cockpit interior look a lot of cars are adopting but time marches on  :-\\

Subject: Re: I really miss 90's (and 80's) cars

Written By: Jason R on 09/05/12 at 9:50 pm

When I turned 16 in 1992 I got a 1990 Camaro Iroc Z.  My parents paid for most of it and I paid for some with money from my lifeguard job.  It was the coolest car ever.  I seen one a few weeks ago and it sure brought back memories of my teenage years.  I just loved the style and look.  When I was a teen I loved to just drive around at night with my girlfriend and my friends, smoking cigarettes, blasting the stereo.  I had a real loud sound system, but I was a nice kid, I always turned it down when I drove past houses.  The Iroc Z models started to disappear by the late 90's.

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