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Subject: Alternative female singer, on pink-ish album cover tarantula covering one eye?

Written By: moongazerlily on 09/18/13 at 8:02 am

I need some major help! I have a very bad memory so this will be asking someone to go out on a limb. I will give as much from my memory as possible. I cannot remember any of her songs but this was in the 90s or early 2000! She must not have been very popular or known because she is not on any list of bands/singers from the 90s. I do know on the cover her eye was covered and I remember it looked like a tarantula, it may or may not have been. It may have simply been two stars or some geometric shape oddly placed but back then to me it looked like a tarantula. The cover was pink, I thought. She was blonde if I remember. There may have been a star on the cover somewhere as well. I remember she may have had a song about her father on the album. She was "alternative", I think that's how I discovered her but she is probably more pop alternative or something along those lines.

Someone on another website suggested Jane Jensen, which seemed close because she does not pop up on any lists of singers in the 90s, and though in look, style and song title similarities (meaning I think the artist I am thinking of worded her songs in a similar fashion), she just is not the right singer. I'd recognize the album cover right away and Jane Jensen does not have an album cover with anything covering her eye that looks like a tarantula/stars.

Does anyone know of a list of all alternative female led bands and or singers from the 90s or early 2000s? Or uknown pop singers? I'd love to find a place of all alternative unknown artist of the 90s album covers? I know I'd recognize it. I also don't know what she'd be listed as!

Subject: Re: Alternative female singer, on pink-ish album cover tarantula covering one eye?

Written By: amjikloviet on 09/18/13 at 6:15 pm

Umm...I'm just guessing here, maybe it was Bjork?

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