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Subject: Help with old short films shown on cable TV channels

Written By: petina99 on 01/23/16 at 2:45 am

Hey everyone!

This is my first post, very excited  :D to be here, I found this awesome site while googling for old TV show names and as soon as I clicked on it I knew it was my kind of place 8). I seek assistance on a bunch of TV shorts shown in the early 90’s (possibly late 80’s) on various cable channels, so here I go:

1 Does anyone remember this short movie shown on the Disney Channel about some insect like cyborg creatures that inhabited a TV? I remember the main character was a female spider and the plot revolved around fixing the broken TV so the human family wouldn’t throw it out with the trash.
It looked like very primitive CGI but also could have been stop motion some other characters were flies or mosquitos and they played a videogame on the TV that featured a skull that had a line similar to “Are you ready to be scared?”

2 Also on DTV this time live action: This annoying little kid has to be babysitted by an older dude who can’t stand him, they are camping in their yard and crazy things start to happen due to the kid’s imagination. One of his dreams involved a stop motion lock ness monster type animal munching down on a red toy looking submarine and in the final scene they find themselves in a beauty pageant looking at some weird alien’s legs and sucker like toes.

The Nessy scene was also used in a Dinosaur documentary:

3 A short film shown on Showtime

It’s animated in a stick figure type style meaning black lines on white sheets of paper, we see a girl eating a sandwich and some bread crumbs fall on the floor, an ant has taste and falls in love with the girl. He makes a sign out of rocks to trying to get the girls attention and she accidently fries it with a magnifying glass.

4 I remember always being scared of this hook handed witch, so much so that I never finished watching the film, supposedly it’s a Showtime short subject, can anyone name the actors or remember the title?

Here’s the clip:

5 Sci-Fi channel I am well aware that they had the animation blocks:  “Animation Station” and “Sci fi Quest”
I remember just once they aired an animated anthology with a clear Liquid Television vibe but space themed. I specifically remember one of them, it had no dialogue, it was just a computer that was analyzing the surface of a red planet it detected at skull and proceeded to analyze it. We could see the computer screen doing a facial reconstruction until refreshing it and finally showing it as it lived then the short ends.

The skull looked kinda like this:

And the reconstruction like this only that it was bipedal with no extra limbs:

Thanks in advance!!

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