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Subject: House vs Eurodance

Written By: ArcticFox on 05/08/16 at 11:17 pm

Two of the most popular forms of electronic dance music in the 1990's. For the most part, they belong to two different chronological eras of the same decade (the 1990's). However, they bled into each other for a bit.

House music is more of an early '90s thing, although the genre continued to be fairly popular in the mid and even the late '90s. Here are some examples:

Now take a look at Eurodance! This was primarily a mid '90s trend. It officially got its start around 1992 with Snap!'s "Rhythm is a Dancer", but the above genre was at its peak at the time. It wasn't until a year later that it grew to be a more substantial trend. The Shamen's early 1992 hit "Move Any Mountain" also kind of sounds like a primitive prototype of eurodance. Was originally released in 1991. Was popular on the U.S. Jukebox charts that year but didn't become a Hot 100 chart hit until '95.

Looking at all of the above; house music was more dramatic while eurodance was a lot darker, with the exceptions toward the end of their runs. Compare the end of the house era to the beginning of the eurodance era, it's easy to see why the genre took off. It was a fresh sound. Some of these songs on both genres have strong rave vibes. Unfortunately, nobody really thinks about these genres too much. Besides their very biggest hits, they're practically forgotten in favor of alternative rock and hip-hop. It's probably the whole "white culture vs black culture" thing. Anecdotally, these two genres were the unifiers of popular music. Both white people and black people like/d dance music. I'm guessing this is also an age thing as well. I assume early '90s teens are going to prefer house over eurodance while mid '90s teens are going to prefer eurodance over house, yes? I wouldn't be surprised.

Take note that I am aware that there were many of forms of dance music that were popular in the 1990's, I'm just focusing on these two!

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