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Subject: How Generation X was portrayed during the 1990s

Written By: ZeldaFan20 on 05/22/18 at 3:40 pm

I found this intriguing article a couple of days ago about Generation X's accumulated wealth in relation to Baby Boomers & Generation Jones (aka, younger Boomers) from 1998!

This article is 20 years old, but yet it feels so familiar in many respects. Maybe because even back in the late 90s the media seemed to had always had a gripe on the young generation. While some of the grievances and concerns were valid and thus needed to be examined, there also seemed to a bit of an elitist aura encapsulating the article. Regardless though, I'd still suggest you guys giving this a good read.

Also, just for a funny comparison; here is an example of a typical article targeted towards Millennials from now in 2018:

A similar topic being discussed, but definitely in a much more opinionated and melancholic tone. Also, at least in this case they're really only bashing half of the generation (those filthy 1980s babies ;D), but I digress. I'd suggest you guys give both articles a read, because 20 years later, its still pretty surprising that issues regarding generational wealth in comparison to past generations (especially the Baby Boomers) is still a hot topic.

Subject: Re: How Generation X was portrayed during the 1990s

Written By: exodus08 on 05/22/18 at 10:39 pm

I've read an old arrival from 1993 and the 60s born were bashing the 70s born saying anybody that was born with 196X was a true Gen-Xer and that the 70s born were a bunch of babies. So we now each generation gets bashed.

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