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Subject: Sierra

Written By: 90s Guy on 06/24/18 at 2:34 pm

Before EA was a monster, before World of Warcraft, in the 1990s there was one computer game company that was king and their name was Sierra On-Line, Inc. In 1996 alone they solely had 28% of the PC game market in sales. Their main competition was Microsoft. Odds are, if you or your family owned a PC in the 80s, 90s and early 00s, you likely owned at least one Sierra product.

Their most well known games and products included:
The King's Quest series
The Space Quest series
The Leisure Suit Larry series
The Gabriel Knight series
The Police Quest series
The Laura Bow series
The Quest for Glory series
The SWAT series
Half-Life 1&2
Caesar series (A sim game)
NASCAR racing series
Empire Earth
Diablo: Hellfire
Print Artist
Scarface: The Game
Spyro the Dragon
The Hobbit (PS2)

Did anyone here own one or more Sierra games back in the 90s/00s?

Subject: Re: Sierra

Written By: whistledog on 07/01/18 at 3:18 am

There is a popular video gamer on YouTube who calls himself Metal Jesus Rocks and he used to work for Sierra Online back in the 90s and he did a video where he told some great stories about some big game releases and things that went on at Sierra.  I was never a PC gamer, but I do have a few Sierra games that have been released for modern consoles like Dark Angel for PS2, Die Hard Vendetta for GameCube and Velocity 2X for PS4


Subject: Re: Sierra

Written By: 90s Guy on 07/01/18 at 5:01 am

They were an amazing company and I can honestly say they were my childhood. Imagine a company with the warmth of Walt Disney era Disney (making the customers feel like part of the family), with the imagination and talent of early pre WoW Blizzard, and the scope and size of EA. The company was formed by a husband and wife duo in the foothills of Yosemite; the couple two geeks and former hippies; the husband a businessman, the wife a dreamer and lover of fairy tales.

Problem was the company got bought in a hostile takeover and raped by a parent company made up of literal criminals. The parent company was called Cendant and their accounting scandal was the biggest in history until Enron.

A funny anecdote: in 1992, id Software (Doom, Quake) sent a demo of Commander Keen to Sierra. Ken Williams, the founder and CEO, took the heads of id to a fancy French restaurant. Him in a suit, them in ripped jeans and tshirts. He offered them a multi million dollar deal. They liked it, but decided to be ballsy and demanded $500k in cash up front. Ken balked, the sale collapsed, and id published Doom the next year.

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