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Subject: I am looking for a certain prime time TV show and a certain episode. Help!!!!

Written By: Kimmiejoe on 07/23/19 at 9:55 am

Sometime,  I believe between 93-96, there was a Prime Time show I watched but I can't remember the name.  I can describe the episode I am looking for though. The opening is of a man and woman who had just got married and they are driving on the highway on the way to there honeymoon.  They got into a wreck and like an I beam from a truck in front of them came through the window and cut the groom in half but kept him alive.  His Bride lost consciousness.  At first he was in shock but as the first responders started showing up and talking to him they told him that if they removed the beam  he would die immediately and they would not be able to save his wife.  He was scared but was trying to joke about everything.  He asked if he could call his mom and tell her goodbye.  He was more concerned with saving his new wife as there was nothing they could do for him.  He had all the people there,  the paramedics,  the police,  the fire department,  everyone in tears.  I need to see this episode again but have no clue how to find it.  Can anyone help me?

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