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Subject: Rank these musical genres from most '90s to least '90s

Written By: yelimsexa on 11/05/19 at 8:32 am

In 2016, I created a thread describing music genres that came of age or were introduced in the 1980s, where users could respond about how much each genre represented the decade's vibe.

Now let's do the same with the '90s, sharing your thoughts. A few genres that I placed in the '80s thread carried over into the new decade, so feel free to share your voices on those.

Adult Contemporary (ballads)
Alt. country
Alt. rock
Blues Rock
Contemporary R&B
Dad Rock (Stars of the '60s and '70s output from this era)
Death Metal
Gangsta Rap
Glam (Hair) Metal
Glam Rap
Golden Age Hip Hop
Hip Hop Soul
Latin pop
Neo (Nu) Soul
Neo Swing
New Age
New Jack Swing
Nu Metal
Pop Country
Power Metal
Teen Pop

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