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Subject: Tell A Quick Fictional Short Story Set in the 1990s

Written By: oldmusicfan on 03/05/20 at 4:20 pm

Write a short story loaded with pop culture references that is set in the 90s. Let’s go. Here’s mine:

It April 1st of 1990, I had to run to K-Mart to run some errands for my mother. I had on my denim jacket, denim Bugle Boy jeans, and a Batman shirt on. Outside of K-Mart was a huge banner saying they were the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Headquarters. I shouted Cowabunga as I hit the entrance. On my way to the knitting aisle, I overheard this guy from my school, Steve Myers, talking about a dream he had of Metallica going on tour with Guns and Roses. I went in the opposite direction, so Steve would not catch me getting some Frito Lay Crunch Tators, Keebler Magic Middles, Sugar Free Strawberry J-ELLO, and hard candies. After getting everything on her list, I made my way over to cash register to get two packs of Tart-N-Tangy Skittles to stick in my denim jacket pocket and have on the way home. I saw a cute girl with crimped hair who reminded me of Julia Roberts in the new movie Pretty Woman, model Cindy Crawford, and Paula Abdul. Things were going great until a biker zipped by the two of us on line and put his arm around her. I guess I’ll have to go get a Harley Davidson shirt and a bandana now. It pays to be bad!

Subject: Re: Tell A Quick Fictional Short Story Set in the 1990s

Written By: humaeast on 06/20/20 at 12:55 pm

As you probably already know, I pretend to be many people who lived in past decades. I invent my own fictional characters, more like it. Most of my lore about them is loaded with 90s pop culture references.

Anyway, Marie is a typical teenage girl you'd expect to live in 1998. She has her walls decorated with Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls posters, goes to Claire's to buy colorful accessories, and watches SNICK almost every Saturday night. She also loves video games; she trades Pokémon with her friends, has a crush on Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid, and spends hours getting lost in Ocarina of Time. One of her favorite things to do is go to the mall with her friends after school and talk about boys. She loves the colors pink and purple and can't wait for 1999, when more stuff will come her way.

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