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Subject: That early 90s nigh aesthetics

Written By: bitex93 on 09/08/21 at 7:26 am

Hi, new member here!
I remember many videos around 1989-1994 had nighttime aesthetics like they were shot in back alleys or roofs during the evening or/and inside of discos. It maybe started earlier like with Tron or Miami Vice but the latter focused mostly on late afternoons (sunsets) while in the later half of the 80s and early 90s it was more pure night time feel (or sometimes even early morning when the sunlight appears bluish).

It was popular in music videos as well as TV commercials to nigh aesthetics like bluish spotlights, neon lights, street lights, etc.?
Examples: Opposites Attract by Paula Abdul, Kylie Minogue's "Better The Devil You Know" or this perfect early 90s time capsule Coca Cola ad with Neve Campbell:

Notice the blue lights behind the band and Bryan Adams and the blue and red lights around Neve.
Somehow after about 1994 the use of this look in ads and videos declined. Certainly in 1996-1997 beige or yellowish tints were more popular (think the movie "One Fine Day" or the music video of "I Love You Always Forever"). Notable exceptions were thrillers or horrors like the The Craft from 1996. Why and when did this fad decline? I believe film cameras since the late 90s couldn't achieve the same look as those used in the 80s and especially circa 1992 (compare the Buffy movie with the TV series).

Subject: Re: That early 90s nigh aesthetics

Written By: Voiceofthe70s on 09/08/21 at 9:21 am

When I read this post, I immediately thought of this one:

Eric Clapton 1987 Michelob Beer Commercial:

Subject: Re: That early 90s nigh aesthetics

Written By: BotleyCrew on 09/08/21 at 12:25 pm

Night shots in 80s media always remind me of old film noir movies. Sometimes they're obvious homages to the film noir genre, but probably not always

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