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Subject: Fall 1997 - A Reflection

Written By: Starro23 on 06/10/22 at 11:37 am

- By now Playstation is more popular than n64 among the schoolyard
- Final Fantasy 7 commercials are played on every prime time TV show you can think of.
- This school season started off brand new, it had a very new feeling
- y2k vibe is already in effect at this point
- Backstreet Boys, Hanson & The Spice Girls are already house hold names at this point.
- The Frosted Tips trend starts becoming popular around this time
- Family Matters & Step by Step move from Abc's TGIF to CBS's rival Block Party.
- Graphics in commercials start looking more futuristic
- Nickelodeon starts to fall off a bit
- Disney channel became a FREE cable channel a few months prior to being premium, people start to get hooked
- Tomb Raider is now a house hold IP, she is in tons of product placement
- WWF is already in the Attitude era at this point ( Steve Austin gives Vince a Stunner in September)
- Grunge is completely dead
- Lee ann Rimes becomes a household name & her concerts are featured on Disney Channel
- MTV phases out grunge music from its morning music video rotation
-  Usher gets very popular all of a sudden
- Tamagotchis become super popular
- R&B still very popular
- The Witch genre becomes popular on tv due to Buffy & Sabrina.
- Diddy Kong Racing becomes more popular than Mario Kart 64 for a little while
- Fox Kids is still dominant at this time

Subject: Re: Fall 1997 - A Reflection

Written By: nally on 10/07/22 at 11:16 pm

It has now been a quarter-century since then. My, how time flies! :o
I remember I was just beginning my senior year of high school. I do remember a number of the items in the list above.

One other thing of note: in MLB, the Miami Marlins became the first wildcard team (non-divisional winner) to not only reach the World Series, but also win it, doing so in the deciding 7th game of the series.

Subject: Re: Fall 1997 - A Reflection

Written By: batfan2005 on 10/08/22 at 7:51 am

It happened to be the first fall that I was no longer in school as I graduated HS in '97, but coincidentally it felt like a different vibe all around. I remember songs like "Walking on the Sun" by Smashmouth being popular, as well as Chumbawamba's one-hit wonder. Usher's "You Make Me Wanna..." was also a hit, as well as Janet Jackson's Velvet Rope album. Songs like "Bittersweet Symphony" really had a Y2K vibe, and also EDM groups like Daft Punk made their debut even though they were more underground (mostly played at dance clubs).

It was also the premier of South Park, which was as revolutionary as The Simpsons.

Subject: Re: Fall 1997 - A Reflection

Written By: on 10/08/22 at 3:27 pm

That was the year Married...with Children ended.  Mostly because the humor in it had been hijacked by the TV Morality Police who decided that it was too in the gutter for primetime.

But when you have scenes such as this


it's not that bad.

Oh man we're broke cha cha cha
Everybody flat broke cha cha cha
Living in the gutter cha cha cha
Early grave cha cha cha

"Alright, now everybody SHOOT ME!"!

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