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Subject: Rank the Summers of the 1990s

Written By: Starro23 on 06/19/22 at 11:31 am

What is your ranking of the 1990s summers ? Can include everything from movies to pop culture and personal life.
Here is my ranking. Feel free to share what you would have listed !

1) 1997
2) 1996
3) 1995
4) 1999
5)  1994
6) 1998
7)  1993
9)  1991
10 ) 1990

Subject: Re: Rank the Summers of the 1990s

Written By: batfan2005 on 06/20/22 at 11:16 am

1. 1996 - Olympics in my city, camp in Colorado
2 (close 2nd). 1992 - Spent most of the summer in Japan
3. 1999 - On deployment visiting some exciting places
4. 1995 - Also visited Japan via LA
5. 1993 - Memories of getting a puppy, Jurassic Park, getting a Sega Genesis, going to the community pool
6. 1994 - Also visited Japan but had some troubles like my father unemployed and a death of a family friend
7. 1997 - Graduated high school. Visited friends in San Diego.  Got in to some trouble, ran away from home.
8. 1991 - Nothing really special, didn't travel anywhere. Had some issues at home.
9 (almost tie with 10). 1990 - No exciting trips, grandfather passed away. Not many good movies compared to 1989.
10. 1998 - First year in the Navy and not experiencing a summer vacation. Tough adjustment.

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