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Subject: Kiddie Rides

Written By: GeekyAlgorithm on 06/27/22 at 6:20 pm

One of my most favourite memories from my local mall was going on the many kiddie rides they had. I dunno if you guys are interested in them, too, but I am, and I'd like to share them with you.

When I was young, like 2 years old, the Toys "R" Us 30 minutes away from me had a Dino (The Flintstones) kiddie ride.

I never rode it, even though my parents loved Hanna-Barbera, but every time we walked in there, I'd see the thing and crack up at Dino's stupid smile. My parents took note of this and one day brought home a Dino stuffy from the Warner Bros. Studio Store at a mall in that area.

THIS, however, was my favourite kiddie ride.


We had it at the Palisades Center in West Nyack, NY. I still remember where it was: on the fourth floor, directly across from Rainbow Direct/Opus Entertainment/Orange County Choppers (the space went thru a few tenants), leading to Target. As a fan of Superman who read the comics and watched the cartoon, this ride was HEAVEN to me! The low pitch of the theme makes it so much more magical. I would ride it every time I went to the mall (and even went on it before I saw Superman Returns in theaters.)

This was my other favourite kiddie ride at that mall...


This was outside of one of the entrances. I forget which. But I would also ride this every time I went thru that entrance. I would ask okaa-san, "Are we going to the Batmobile side?" I remember I went on it before I saw The Dark Knight Trilogy in theaters. (Yes, even TDKR when I was 16, I went with a friend and she filmed me on the ride.) I would pretend to be Batman while I was riding; I would act out everything the radio said. (Like call Commissioner Gordon and say, "Glad you're here! The Riddler's running wild!")

There were lots of other kiddie rides at the mall, but those two were my favourites.

I even have a playlist of my favourite kiddie rides on YouTube. You should check it out sometime!

Subject: Re: Kiddie Rides

Written By: nally on 07/03/22 at 3:25 pm

I remember some of them in the 1980s when I was little, too. Occasionally I might have used them. (But I think by age 6 or 7, I was outgrowing them.)

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