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Subject: Telepathic neckband phone

Written By: gumbypiz on 03/18/08 at 1:42 pm

In development for the near future, a neckband “collar” that can interpret your brain signals for your vocal cords and send them to a phone, without speaking.

Telepathic neckband collarphone

For now you’ll have to train yourself on how to “think” correctly for this to work, but future applications will be more direct.

Eventually, we won’t have phones at all anymore, just a collar.
We’ll speak to each other in our minds, real telepathic communication.
The developer wants this to access the internet as well. You could walk down the street, wonder where the closest ATM is, your brain would googlemap it, and the results would be sent back to you mind…without monitors, a pc or the like.

Kinda cool, but also kinda scary. This has enormous potential and the applications it could be used for are great , but there is always the fear that kind of technology could be used for darker purposes by the government and such. There certainly are some Big Brother Orwellian thoughts that come to mind.

Most people that have seen or heard about this do not like it. Or pledged to refuse to use it if it comes to be.

Would you use it? Are you scared of this development/technology and the future of communication? :-\\

Subject: Re: Telepathic neckband phone

Written By: ladybug316 on 03/18/08 at 1:55 pm

No way, man!  Imagine the implication of random thoughts.  I don't want anyone to know what's going on in my mind.  I'd have no friends, no husband and no job ;D.

I'm all for convenience but this is ridiculous.  If I ever get so lazy that I need google in my brain just kill me dead.

Subject: Re: Telepathic neckband phone

Written By: wildcard on 03/18/08 at 4:35 pm

In the year 2525

actually if this is used for medical purposes this could be a very good thing. 

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