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Subject: Wrong, just plain wrong...but damn funny.

Written By: gumbypiz on 03/27/08 at 9:55 pm

Not going to even tell you how I found this site, but I did...

Wrong, wrong, wrong!

Whats even more silly is that this is not just a "splash" page, you can really sign up and "hunt" for members.

Notice how the drop down window for the country selection is "limited" to just one country? (sorry for the cheap laugh at the expense to our neighbors up north) ;)

"Real Moose, Real Love"  :D

Subject: Re: Wrong, just plain wrong...but damn funny.

Written By: Foo Bar on 03/27/08 at 11:24 pm

The song dates back to 1977; Tom Payton wrote it while involved in re-enacting the Revolutionary War and SCA.  Between his SCA, Civil War re-enactments, Wiccan gigs, and friends who played rugby, the rest is folk music history, There are a lot more verses out there.  Tom put the song into the public domain, pointed out that "Now when I'm in the mood..." was originally the first verse, and I discovered the song about 20 years later via Wild Mountain Thyme.

THE MOOSE SONG - Tom Payton - Wild Mountain Thyme - Folk - Traditional

When I was a young lad I used to like girls,
I fondled their bodies and fondle their curls,
'Til my girlfriend ran off with a salesman named Bruce,
Now you'd never be treated that way by a moose!

So it's moose, moose, I like a moose,
I've never had anything quite like a moose,
I've had many lovers, my morals are loose,
But I've never had anything quite like a moose!

Now when I'm in the mood for a really good lay,
I go to my closet and get me some hay
I go to my window and spread it around
'Cos a moose always comes when there's hay on the ground.


Now gorillas are all right for Saturday night,
Lions and tigers, they puts up a fight!
But it's just not the same when your slams their caboose,
As the feelin' ya gets when yer humpin a moose!


So when I'm all hot, upset and uptight,
I jump in my car, to the zoo I take flight!
Now animals all, with respect and reknown,
The moose, for its being the best screw in todwn.

Now I've done it with all sorts of beasties with hair,
Hell, I'd do it with snakes if their fangs were not there!
I've done it with a walrus, a duck, and a goose,
But I've never had anything quite like a moose!

Now a fish is too slimy and slips all around
And some say that camels are heaven abound
But I'll stick to my ways, and not to dismay
And call on my moose friend to jump me today!

("Hey Gordon!  Can I tell 'em about my vacation?")
("I think ya better!")

I went to the desert, a moose for to find,
I only found camels, I near lost my mind!
But a camel reminds me of moose, just a bit,
But a moose always swallows, and camels just spit!

(entire audience groans)

(slowly, a capella)
Now that I'm older and advanced in my years
I look back on my life, and I shed me nowtears
As I sit in my chair, with my slass of Mateus,
Playin' hide the salami with my friend the moose!

(slowly, a capella)
So when off to heaven, my soul soars away
("Isn't it really sick that we can do this in three-part harmony?")
I'll show up at thjose gates with my bale of fresh hay
And they're bound to inquire, as to my grin
So I'll wind up in hell humpin mooses again!


The Moose Song, by Canadian (Nova Scotia) folksters Wild Mountain Thyme, from 1998's Of Moose & Men.  Album's out of print, but DRM-free downloads appear to be available at Amazon, eMusic, and elsewhere. 

Subject: Re: Wrong, just plain wrong...but damn funny.

Written By: Red Ant on 04/06/08 at 10:32 pm

LMAO! Awesome spoof site!

I wonder if they'll start releasing their own videos called "Herds Gone Wild"...


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