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Subject: Communism takes over Monopoly

Written By: Philip Eno on 01/22/11 at 5:01 am

A communist version of the ultimate capitalist game - Monopoly - has been made in Poland.

Instead of buying streets, houses and hotels, players will get a list of 10 essential items like bread and loo paper and have to travel around the board joining queues to get into state-owned shops.

And instead of Chance and Community Chest, players can draw wild cards that get them sent to the front because of a Communist Party connection or see a shop closed down for "decadence."

The game - called Queue and created by the country's National Remembrance Institute - is designed to show schoolchildren what life was like under the old Soviet era.

"The game not only makes players understand shopping in Poland under communism," said the game's creator Karol Madaj.

"It also teaches them what queueing is like - something people seem to have forgotten."

Subject: Re: Communism takes over Monopoly

Written By: Foo Bar on 01/23/11 at 12:06 am

A communist version of the ultimate capitalist game - Monopoly - has been made in Poland.

Triple Irony Score.

The game we know as Monopoly got its start as The Landlord's Game, with the intent being that the players learn that the accumulation of wealth leads to an "unfair" system. 

"Children of nine or ten years and who possess average intelligence can easily understand the game and they get a good deal of hearty enjoyment out of it. They like to handle the make-believe money, deeds, etc., and the little landlords take a general delight in demanding the payment of their rent. They learn that the quickest way to accumulate wealth and gain power is to get all the land they can in the best localities and hold on to it. 

There are those who argue that it may be a dangerous thing to teach children how they may thus get the advantage of their fellows, but let me tell you there are no fairer-minded beings in the world than our own little American children. Watch them in their play and see how quick they are, should any one of their number attempt to cheat or take undue advantage of another, to cry, 'No fair!' And who has not heard almost every little girl say, 'I won't play if you don't play fair.' Let the children once see clearly the gross injustice of our present land system and when they grow up, if they are allowed to develop naturally, the evil will soon be remedied."
  - Elizabeth Magie, inventor of Monopoly.

Well, Liz, you got the first half right.  You forgot that the first part would be so much fun every kid who ever played it would internalize the lesson that "Fair?  Fair means that if you can win by playing by the rules, the only moral consequence is that you win!  Even if you don't win, as long as everyone played by the rules, we all coulda won, and we all had fun playing."

"Business is a good game - lots of competition and a minimum of rules.  You keep score with money."
   - Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari.

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