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Subject: What was your Favorite Pinball games??

Written By: Arcfire on 05/21/02 at 01:25 p.m.

Hey guys I have had MAME for the old vid games but have just discovered Visual Pinball a MAME for pinball as it were.. You can even design your own tables! What alot of ppl have done is taken the old Williams, Bally, Gottlieb and even the old Pachinko style games and converted them to the Vis Pinball engine and they play well! I have found my old favorites from the early to late 80s Black Knight ('80, even has the voice "I will slay you my enemy!") Black Knight 2000 ('89 complete with background songs!) 8-ball deluxe, The Addams Family, even the hard to Duplicate Tales of Arabian knights which featured a spinning lamp! The list of the older tables from '79 and earlier is long and distinguished with favorites like Matta Hari, Evel Knievel, Orbit, Rockit, Complete with all sounds!  ;D

The Link to Visual pinball is:

I recommend getting tables from IR pinball download section first since most of those will play right away. Once you get used to Visual Pinball and the way it works then try the ones from AJ's. Some of the ones from AJ's require seperate plug-ins that might need tweaking to work.  :-/

Best of all its free and will bring back the fond memories that pinball brought us as kids (and even as adults.. I still play every chance I get!)  ;D

My favorites Original pinball machines were Black Knight, Elvira and the party monsters (the first one) The Addams Family, Kings of Steel, Comet and Black Knight 2000! What are some of yours?  :D

*thanks to HS for bringing up the idea of pinball since she mentioned it in the video game string!  ;D

Subject: Re: What was your Favorite Pinball games??

Written By: Zener on 05/21/02 at 04:45 p.m.

I remember one game that had a monster with a woman in its arms.. Gorgar I think it was called... and a giant pinball machine called Barbarian..  But my fav was Black Pryamid.. I had the high score for over 1 year at my local arcade! Man those were the days!

I think I will check out the link and see if I can find the MAME versions of those games! Thanks for the info!