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Subject: I just read this and thought it was funny

Written By: Screwball54 on 07/12/02 at 10:23 p.m.

Cobble Cable.

We're really going to miss the Taliban, but nothing like the folks in Afghanistan will.  We've just learned that, in a last ditch effort to appease the local population, Mullah Omar and company had planned to offer tv shows
after all.  Here's a sample of what they were planning for Kabul cable:

Monday nights:  No Law and Disorder...Mad about Everything...Osama in the Middle...the Brian Benben bin Laden show...and Allah McBeal.

Tuesday prime time:  Wheel of Torture...Who wants to be a Terrorist?...Children are forbidden from saying the darndest
things...Afghanistan's wackiest public execution bloopers...and Buffy, the
yankee imperialist dog slayer.

Wednesday evenings, Kabul cable would have featured Dharma & Mohammed...That
Taliban Show...Just shoot everyone ...Survivor Afghanistan...and Veilwatch.

Thursday nights:  Touched by an Infidel...My 2 Baghdads...Diagnosis--Heresy...The Mullah of Queens...and Veronica's closet full of long, black, shapeless dresses.

Friday nights:  Judge Laden...Afghanistan's funniest surveillance tapes...what law and order-plenty of victims unit...Ahmed's creek...and No-witness news.

Sunday prime time (sorry, Saturdays would still have been dark):  That 1370's show...East Wing...The Osama Factor...Tribal Feud...and Whose lynching is it,

Oh, this late program note:  Plans were cancelled for airing The Weakest Link, since, it turned out, EVERYONE was.

Jim Bohannon
Westwood One Radio

Subject: Re: I just read this and thought it was funny

Written By: FussBudgetVanPelt on 07/12/02 at 10:30 p.m.

I especially like That 1370's show, Screwball.

FB  ;D

Subject: Re: I just read this and thought it was funny

Written By: Davester on 07/12/02 at 11:54 p.m.

  Heheh!  That is funny! ;D