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Subject: New Windows 2002

Written By: Sagnastian on 07/30/02 at 12:34 a.m.

>>Compton City Schools has announced that its special Ebonics version of
>>Windows 2002, retitled
>>"Dis Be a Fresh Window" has been leaked to several white suburbs, causing
>>confusion for un-suspecting  Caucasion users.
>>There are numerous differences between Windows 2002 and the Ebonics version.
>>When opening the Ebonics version, the familiar Windows chime is replaced
>>with a"phat
>>ghetto track that melts 'em down wit da' dope-ass bass."
>>On the main screen, My Computer is replaced with "Dis My Shit."  The
>>Recycle Bin has been
>>replaced with a Goodwill dumpster, and the Internet Explorer shortcut
>>reads, "Titty & Booty Sites."
>>If users are logged on to a network, the Network Neighborhood is replaced
>>with "Da Hood."  Users
>>of the Ebonics version will notice several command and dialog box changes:
>>Break Back In = Reentry
>>Aww Shit = Error
>>U Betta Recognize = No
>>Itz All Good = OK
>>4 Real Doe = Yes
>>Hold Up, Dawg = Cancel
>>Do Dat Shit Again = Reset
>>Nigga, you Crazy? = Are You Sure?
>>Hunt Dat Bitch Down = Find
>>Put A Cap In It = Delete
>>Games & Shit = Programs
>>Letter Shit = Documents
>>The Ebonics version comes standard with a special edition of Microsoft
>>Works titled "Homie Essentials."
>>The word processing program greatly differs from the mainstream program.
>>Several functions on the
>>title bar have been changed:
>>Dat BeThang = File
>>I Be Seein' It = View
>>Put Sumpin In = Insert
>>Hook It Up = Format
>>Stuff I Ain't Need = Tools
>>Number Shit = Table
>>Break In = Window
>>What Da Fuck? = Help
>>Note; "Stuff I Ain't Need does not include spelling or grammar check
>>options.  Also, the familiar
>>"Auto Correct" has been replaced with "Keepin' It Real."

Subject: Re: New Windows 2002

Written By: RockandRollFan on 07/30/02 at 02:33 p.m.

Lay'em Down To Smack'em, Yak'em  from the 1980 movie "Airplane!" Also, Sh*t meant "Golly" :D

Subject: Re: New Windows 2002

Written By: Davester on 07/30/02 at 05:20 p.m.

   LMAO!! :o 8)

Subject: Re: New Windows 2002

Written By: Junior on 07/30/02 at 05:30 p.m.

:D :D ;D ;D

Subject: Re: New Windows 2002

Written By: Hairspray on 07/30/02 at 05:33 p.m.