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Written By: Gabble_Ratchet on 10/01/02 at 04:07 a.m.

And a good day to you all. NOW CHEER UP EVERYBODY!! Does anyone have a funnier story from this weekend than I am now going to relate.

My brothers wife attended a hen party in Manchester on Saturday night, leaving him alone and at a loose end.

After several bottles of wine and an assortment of bottled lagers, he decided that he needed to view some porn. However, his colection was, for want of a better word, well thumbed, so he thought the next best option would be to watch one of the 'better' Sky channels.

So, he called the Sky box office number and managed to get through first time to one of the agents. Upon explaining his choice of viewing however, he was absolutely gutted to be told that as the Sky membership was under his wifes name, then only she could book the film. After much arguing and cursing, my brother finally had to relent and end the conversation.

Now there comes a time in most peoples life, especially after a bellyful of alcohol, when desperate times call for desperate measures, and boy is this desperate.

He only goes and calls back to the Sky Box Office line and, on getting through (to the same person mind you) proceeds to talk in a high pitched voice, pretending to be his wife.

Now, as you can imagine, as he is telling me this, I am creased up on the floor, laughing hysterically. But, he goes on to say that the guy on the other end of the phone puts him on hold almost instantly a) to try and stop laughing and b) to tell al his colleagues to come and listen to this guy pretending to be a woman.

So now, almost the whole of the Sky call centre are huddled round this one phone, listening to a man pitifully imitating his wife, desperate for some porn. The poor sod was kept on the phone for 15 minutes whilst a host of questions were fired at him and you know what, not once did his voice falter from its womanly ways.

And by god listen to this everybody. He actually got them, (through pity I grant you), to allow the signal to be sent for him to view Red Hot Euro.

Only trouble was though, as he cheered and high fived himself whilst frantically trying to key in the pin number on the remote control, his pregnant dog of a wife had only gone and changed it!!!