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Subject: WOW!

Written By: Alicia. on 10/14/02 at 07:45 p.m.

I'm getting really good grades in my school! (except spanish Ihave like a c  ::) ) but I have great grades in all my other classes! what grades did you guys get in your school? good  ::) or bad  >:(

Subject: Re: WOW!

Written By: lebeiw15 on 10/14/02 at 08:13 p.m.

Right now I'm getting a high C +/low B- in Algebra, an A+ in English, A in computer, A- in social studies, probably A- in band (I don't go to all my lessons), A in choir probably, B- in science (I have a huge test Wednesday, hopefully that will bring my grade up), B in home ec (sewing, laundry), A- in spelling, A in reading/writing, and probably a B+/A- in quest (quest is a class where you talk about drugs and stuff)

Subject: Re: WOW!

Written By: Tarzanboi on 10/14/02 at 11:23 p.m.

I'm getting really good grades in my school! (except spanish Ihave like a c  ::) ) but I have great grades in all my other classes! what grades did you guys get in your school? good  ::) or bad  >:(
End Quote

Well, before I reached HS, I had straight As. Having a very strict mother, I couldn't even have an A-. That soon changed as soon as I moved to, yet another, new school and hung around a really bad group of kids. My freshman year in HS, I had a 2.35 GPA. Strangely enough, I got a D in my honors English class and I was placed into an honors English class in the 10th grade! I managed to salvage what was left of my GPA by the 11th and 12th grades and graduated with a 3.2 (barely) and a decent SAT score. I only applied to one school - UC Irvine - and was accepted :) Affirmative action or not. I thought that was cool. "Don't give up" is all I have to say.

Tarzan Boy

Subject: Re: WOW!

Written By: dagwood on 10/15/02 at 05:49 a.m.

I graduated with a B+ average.  I don't remember any exact grades except that I failed home ec because I couldn't sew a pillowcase straight.  I used that pillowcase for 15 years before I had to throw it away because of wear.  I shouldn't have failed. >:(

Subject: Re: WOW!

Written By: Dude on 10/15/02 at 08:18 a.m.

I assume you're talking high school. I graduated 76th in a Senior class of 152.(talk about your average guy) Good thing I had a scholarship huh?

Subject: Re: WOW!

Written By: TripsMom on 10/15/02 at 09:44 a.m.

Alicia, that's GREAT!  ;D I made it out of high school with only a few extra units. It was close. :-/ I was just having too much fun. ;) Had to do Jr. college to bring up the grades before moving on to University.

Subject: Re: WOW!

Written By: langdon_hughes on 10/15/02 at 10:58 p.m.

ATTA GIRL! I have never doubted your intellect, I'm just glad you feel good about your application of it. (And whatever the grade, if you felt good, I'd be proud.)

I am somewhat ashamed to admit that I came out of college the top female of my graduating class. Eeeeew, nerd! Still, high school was tough. I didn't have the "game" figured out and I was the child of two schoolteachers, after all.

Subject: Re: WOW!

Written By: QueenAmenRa on 10/16/02 at 12:05 a.m.

I have an A in all my classes, which are:

Sign Language, Honors AP Chemistry, Honors English IV, Honors Spanish II, Comp & Rhetoric, Honors Trig/Calculus, and Vocal Music   ;D    

-Queen Ruth Lorraine AmenRa Burnt Noodles Shway Crayola Staples

Subject: Re: WOW!

Written By: Astral on 10/16/02 at 12:57 a.m.

Well done all of u but dare I say good grades at school r not the be-all.

I was a high level student at school then dropped behind because to make friends at my school u couldn't be a hard working goody-goody.

I came out with several low passes but the two important exams I passed o'level thankfully

I went gone on to qualify as a nurse  Then have a family and last year I completed a 3 year course (with distinction) in beauty therapy, hairdressing and theatrical makeup. I now run my own business in these.

Yes work hard now but if u don't do 2 well u can go on to try again or even try other things.

Good luck, u'll b fine!!!!!  ;) ;D

Subject: Re: WOW!

Written By: Steve_H_2002 on 10/17/02 at 03:29 p.m.

well... it's been a while since I was 14, but back then I was getting just passing grades.   :-/  I sorta had a habit of arguing with the teachers when I shoulda been paying attention.  And if, say, biology bored me I didn't do well in it at all.  
Do they still dissect frogs in biology class?  Ours were all stinky and wrinkled and formaldahyde squirted out when you starting cutting them.  

Subject: Re: WOW!

Written By: Junior on 10/17/02 at 03:55 p.m.

In this grading period thingy:

Science - A-, Algebra - A, Computers - B (this was a suprise, considering I'm a computer freak ;D), History - A-/B+, Band - A, English - B-. Funny, cuz I actually was making reversed grades the previous grading period -- Bs in Science & Algebra, As in History & English. Luckily I had Careers instead of Computers -- of which the teacher I hate.

I'm happy with my grades, considering that Algebra & the English class I'm taking our 1 or 2 grades higher than that of which I'm in (I'm in 8th grade.)