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Subject: Ghetto Johns Corner III

Written By: The_Ghetto_John on 01/02/03 at 09:12 a.m.

I was driving down the road on my way to the corner grocery store, when all of a sudden a young boy popped out of no where and was hit by my car. I immediately stopped and rushed out of my car to check on him. But when i looked for him, i realized he was gone. I ran back to my car to grab my cell phone, when suddenly the boy was sitting in the passenger seat. I looked at him, then I closed my eyes and looked at him again. I couldnt believe it, how was it possible, my mind couldnt believe what had happened. Then i asked him if he was ok and he said," im fine, but so are you." I placed my head on the steering wheel and closed my eyes. I was trying to gather my thoughts, and when i raised my head back up i realized that the boy was gone. I wasnt sure if i had fell asleep or what. So i continued on my journey to the grocery store, but the store had burst into the flames. I asked what had happened and i was told that a bomb had gone off. On the top of the burning building I seen the little boy who i had hit with my car. He smiled and then he dissapeared.

So now i ask of you, what was the little boy, and what do you think the story means. Peace --- Ghetto John

Subject: Re: Ghetto Johns Corner III

Written By: XenaKat13 on 01/02/03 at 10:24 a.m.

That's obvious.

The little boy was your Guardian Angel.  He knew you would stop if you accidentally hit someone, thereby preventing you from being at the store when the bomb went off.

I have heard this story many times.  Sometimes the person being hit by the car is a little girl, or an elderly person, or even a dog or cat.

The destination is not always a store.  Sometimes the storyteller is on the way home.

The oldest version I have heard dates back to WWII.  The storyteller's home was hit by enemy bombs.  I have heard both a German version and a British one.

Subject: Re: Ghetto Johns Corner III

Written By: The_Ghetto_John on 01/02/03 at 12:33 a.m.

you hit the nail right on the head xena