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Subject: New Movie Being Filmed

Written By: Amanda on 01/30/03 at 08:07 a.m.

This really has nothing to do with the 80s but I thought it was pretty neat. There is some movie that is being filmed in Memphis right now called 21 Grams with Benecio del Toro and Sean Penn....There are movies filmed here all the time but I thought this one was pretty cool because they are doing most of their shooting around my neighborhood. Last week I heard gun shots while I was at work and when i went downstairs outside they had the streets all blocked off to film. Then yesterday I was leaving work and drove past the new Downtown school that was just built and saw a bunch of trailors and stuff outside with big signs at parking lots saying cast and crew, then this morning I was taking my daughter to preschool and they were filming around her school at a place called Andertons Oyster Bar, I had to drive through a lot with all the trailers to drop Destiny off...heh...anyways...was just neat stuff... :)

Subject: Re: New Movie Being Filmed

Written By: Kenlos on 01/30/03 at 08:34 a.m.

Too bad you didnt see any of the actors or actresses.  Something similar where i live, when i am not at school, in Peachtree City, Ga the movie "Sweet Home Alabama" that came out not to long ago, part of that movie was filmed in Peachtree City on the lake behind my friends house so most if not all the lake sceens in that movie where shot at a lake in my hometown i thought that was pretty cool. Though i havent had a chance to see the movie yet i would like to just since parts where filmed down the street from me.

Subject: Re: New Movie Being Filmed

Written By: resinchaser on 01/30/03 at 09:45 a.m.

I think it's so cool when you see parts of the city you live in in a movie. I remember pissing offmy girlfriend while watching The Score and The Whole Nine Yards because every five minutes i'd yell things like "LOOK! I was there just the other day!"

They also did some filming of the Bone Collector in an underpass just down the street from my house, but it didn't look anything like it because of the special effects they used to make it look like a cave.

Subject: Re: New Movie Being Filmed

Written By: southernspitfire on 01/30/03 at 09:50 p.m.

We had a movie filmed in my town (Sheridan, Arkie)  called "White River Kid" with Antonio Banderas and Billy Bob Thornton a few years back.  The movie producers came through and made the town look "old" for the film but to me I could still spot it.  Like the other posters said it was cool to see your town....since my town is TINY and I cannot believe they filmed there (But Billy Bob is a fellow Arkie, growing up just down the road from my hometown) .  The movie TOTALLY bombed and never made it to the big screen, but I did rent it just to see my town and some of my friends that were hired as extras and made it into the picture

Subject: Re: New Movie Being Filmed

Written By: FunkyFresh on 01/30/03 at 11:34 p.m.

We had something similar in Tempe, AZ.  There's a Circle K convenience store not very far from where I live, that was the spot for some scenes in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.  I think the school scenes were filmed in Scottsdale too, if I remember correctly...

One other thing, I went to Tombstone, AZ for the first time in November and found out that the movie wasn't even filmed in that town, it was shot, sorry for the pun, in Tucson.  Lame, huh?  Tombstone's a cool place though for anyone who has a chance to go to if you ever make it out to The Grand Canyon State.

Subject: Re: New Movie Being Filmed

Written By: CatwomanofV on 01/31/03 at 08:49 a.m.

We have a lot of movies film around here. But the one that really impressed me was not. It was "Nobody's Fool" with Paul Newman. If anyone saw the movie, hopefully you will know what I am talking about. Towards the end of the movie, Paul is walking up the street to talk to his friend who is sitting on his front steps. Well, those front steps belong to my high school sweetheart's mother (who I still keep in touch with). She told me about it when they were filming it. She told me about meeting all the actors and the fact that they paid her for using her house in the movie. Every time I see the movie, I think of the time when I spent over at that house.I thought that was so cool.


Subject: Re: New Movie Being Filmed

Written By: kimmers on 01/31/03 at 09:07 a.m.

When we lived in Florida a few years ago, Woody Harrelson was in town filming the movie Palmetto ( I think that's the name).  Palmetto is really the name of the place where they filmed.  It was a big deal for our little area.  And while I never got to meet Woody, I understand that he's really a nice guy.