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Subject: Art in Vomit

Written By: Race_Bannon on 03/01/03 at 07:04 p.m.

I just read an article and how prevalent vomit has become in cinema and TV.  Here are the 5 top vomit scenes as listed by the article.  

No. 5: La Grande Bouffe: French film in which four old men lock themselves in a chateau to try and eat and drink themselves to death.

No. 4: Trainspotting: Not hard to imagine what happens above the filthiest toilet in Scotland.

No. 3: Stand By Me: A fat kid invited to a pie-eating contest triggers the great barf-o-rama.

No. 2: Monty Python's The Meaning of Life: The fattest guy in the world explodes in a restaurant but not before routinely heaving into the accompanying barf bucket and again, triggering the gag reflex among the other patrons.

And. . . . .the No. 1 film with the grossest barf scene of them all - The Exorcist. (Three decades later, sales of green pea soup have never recovered!)

If you want to see the full article- http://www.canada.com/montreal/story.asp?id=EE70E00B-C4D0-48C1-9B2C-D31EF2745341

Subject: Re: Art in Vomit

Written By: CatwomanofV on 03/02/03 at 06:01 p.m.

You forgot Porky's II where they got back at that senator.


Subject: Re: Art in Vomit

Written By: Race_Bannon on 03/02/03 at 06:07 p.m.

You forgot Porky's II where they got back at that senator.

End Quote

To many years since I've seen that one to remember, give us a synopsis Catfv. ;D  

Subject: Re: Art in Vomit

Written By: CatwomanofV on 03/02/03 at 06:37 p.m.

There was this senator who was chasing after Wendy (I think that was her name). The gang decided to retaliate against him and basically set him up. He took her to a resteraunt a county away. She dressed up very guady looking, with fake boobs that hung down. She keep yelling that she was 16 and her dates name and that he was a senator (or maybe he was running for the senate-I can't remember). At one point, she acted like she was getting sick. She basically, got the "stuff" from her fake boobs and emptied it out into a fountain. It caused everyone else in the resteraunt to get sick. Then the gang took his photo in the mist of all that was happening. Needless to say, his career was over.