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Subject: April Fool's Day

Written By: CatwomanofV on 04/01/03 at 10:09 a.m.

So what is the best/worst prank that you played or someone played on you?


Subject: Re: April Fool's Day

Written By: Emergency_Cube on 04/01/03 at 10:19 a.m.

One time in the dorms, I was studying with some friends and some guy threw an apricot at us and got apricot crap all over the place.  So we tracked him down and threatened to kill him and got him barricaded in his room.  I think he wet his pants too.  It was pretty funny.

And no, I wasn't actually serious about killing him ::)

Subject: Re: April Fool's Day

Written By: princessofpop on 04/01/03 at 01:16 p.m.

So what is the best/worst prank that you played or someone played on you?

End Quote

The worst prank anyone ever did to me was:

A friend of mine put a "Lesbian's Unite" rainbow sticker on the back of my car & I drove it sround like that for days & days before I noticed. ::)

The worst prank I have ever played on someone was:

I faxed fake invoices from prostitues to a friend (see above) at work, to the office fax machine that everyone there uses.

Subject: Re: April Fool's Day

Written By: 80s_cheerleader on 04/01/03 at 02:50 p.m.

Well, with 2 of my sons, I was pregnant on April 1st and called the hubby to tell him I was in labor!  He fell for it both times.  Thank God my youngest was born Mar 30 because if I actually had gone into labor Apr 1, he probably wouldn't have believed me ;D

Other than that, called my parents collect from a payphone once to ask them to bail me out of jail.

Then, there was the...nevermind.  I could be here all day ;)

Subject: Re: April Fool's Day

Written By: oddxsocks on 04/01/03 at 02:57 p.m.

tomorrow and thursday are midterms, so my friends were sitting at lunch and told me that they had changed the class days (my school runs on a six day schedule; 0.5 credit classes take place on either A/C/E or B/D/F days).  i didn't believe them though, so i guess that doesn't count...

one year, i left a message on our voice mail of me saying, "oops, wrong number!" in a very poor english accent. (i sounded more like a drunken "crocidile hunter." ::) )  my dad described it as "some strange woman with a wrong number"...he really didn't know it was me, it was excellent. ;D

but today, i am going to take a screenshot of my desktop and delete the shortcuts to the programs that my mother plays and see how long it takes for her to catch on... ;D

Subject: Re: April Fool's Day

Written By: Mrs._Race on 04/01/03 at 03:43 p.m.

I called Race Bannon today at work to tell him that I was late and that I had taken a pregnancy test.  I then proceeded to tell him that it had come back positive.  He was almost thrilled....actually not at all but he did pretty good.  He did ask if we could skip the infant years and just have a 4 year old.  Anyway, when I told him "April Fools"  he called me a bad name and said that I had made him lose his appetite!  The only regret is that I should have let him beleive it all day!

Subject: Re: April Fool's Day

Written By: QueenAmenRa on 04/01/03 at 04:24 p.m.

Well the one I pulled today was kinda stupid, but I thought it was pretty classic:

In chemistry, I always sing annoying oldies to get on my teacher's nerves.  The other day I made a little parody of "Crimson & Clover" called "Silver & Sulphur." And I sang it *over and over*   :D  haha
Anyway, today I asked her if we could listen to classical music while we did our worksheets and she said ok.  Well, guess what song I put in....
...and everyone laughed  :D


Subject: Re: April Fool's Day

Written By: kimmers on 04/01/03 at 04:36 p.m.

Okay- this was kinda mean but my son has a pretty good sense of humor so....

My oldest had to be up early today for band.  I ran into his room, flipped on the lights, yelling at him to get up!! I forgot to get him up early and he only had 5 minutes to get ready for school!!!
Well, he jumped out of bed but his foot was asleep so he fell/sat down, banged his head on the drumset, and sat on a clipboard (clip part) that was on his floor.  He's barely awake and trying to rub all the various parts that have been injured and I say....."April Fools" with much difficulty through the hysterical laughter and "Happy Birthday"  since it's his 16th birthday today.  Like I said, he has a pretty good sense of humor so he took it in stride.  I love that kid. :)

Oh, and we actually called everyone on the morning of March 31 to tell them we had a new baby..."April Fool"  Guess the joke was on me when I went into labor at 11:30 that night and had my bouncing baby boy on April 1.  They really didn't believe us then.   :)

Subject: Re: April Fool's Day

Written By: XenaKat13 on 04/05/03 at 03:03 a.m.

What about having a prank played on you?

I fell for one bigtime....

The local radio station started this one about two weeks before the first.  The said they were going to have Eminem in the studio, and they were running a contest.  The biggest Eminem fan in the area would have a chance to come into the studio and interview him on the air, and ask any questions they wanted.  Just send an e-mail saying in 25 words or less why they should choose you....

I sent in an angry one, saying they should get someone that HATES Eminiem to do it saying that person would not be afraid to ask real, pertinent questions, not some nonsense like "What's your favorite color?"

Next day, they read my e-mail on the air, and agreed.  They modified things so that like him or hate him, tell why you should be the one to interview Eminem.

Then on the morning of April first, they announced  "April Fool's!!!  Eminem is NOT going to be in the studio, and we got over 200 e-mails from all of you fools!"