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Subject: Ebay

Written By: Gis on 05/11/03 at 10:35 a.m.

I'm just wondering how many of you use ebay and what you think of it.I'm addicted to looking at it but so far have never spent more than £25.00 for anything as I figure should it go pear shapped it's not a huge amount to loose,this was after hearing a couple of horror stories of people buying things worth hundreds of pounds and never getting them.
I have sold a few things on there and had a couple of nonpayers and one bouncing cheque but that hasn't put me off yet.........
What have your experiences been?

Subject: Re: Ebay

Written By: Davester on 05/11/03 at 02:40 p.m.

  I've bid on a few things on ebay and won a couple.  One was a 1st c. Roman coin and two hard to find books.  No problems.  Never sold anything, though.

Subject: Re: Ebay

Written By: XenaKat13 on 05/11/03 at 03:13 p.m.

I've never sold anything on E-Bay, but I've bought a few things.

Everything I bought was exactly as described and arrived on time.

I always read a seller'ss feedback before I make a bid. There must be a lot of postive, and few or no negative or neutral comments.

I also try to deal with sellers that have at least 10 or more transactions...that way I can see if there is a pattern developing towards either positive or negative.

I have seen some sellers restricting bidders to people who have five positive feedbacks or more, (I'm not sure if that it totally legal...but it tends to give the seller a lot of reassurance)

Another thing I do a lot is contact the seller before I place a bid.  I did once, and I'm glad I did...the CD he had up was by a totally different band (with the same name) than the one I was looking for.

Subject: Re: Ebay

Written By: Alicia. on 05/11/03 at 11:27 p.m.

I absolutely love ebay! thats where I get all my Marilyn stuff I think I give ebay an a+++

Subject: Re: Ebay

Written By: CatwomanofV on 05/12/03 at 08:35 a.m.

I only bought one thing on e-bay (an out of print record). I had been looking for it for years. Otherwise, I never go there. My sister, on the other hand LOVES e-bay and sells a lot of stuff. I think she is addicted-like I am addicted to this message board.


Subject: Re: Ebay

Written By: Wicked Lester on 05/12/03 at 02:28 p.m.

I have bought a couple of computer games and several books from E-Bay, all with no trouble.

Subject: Re: Ebay

Written By: goldie on 05/12/03 at 02:54 p.m.

I recently used Ebay to buy concert tickets and I didn't have any problem at all.

Subject: Re: Ebay

Written By: BrianMannixGirl on 05/18/03 at 11:33 a.m.

I have been buying videos and magazines off ebay for about 2 years. †Have only bought one dud video but you take that risk when they are ex rentals - no way to know how much they have been played.

I want to set up an ebay shop as I have TRILLIONS of things to get rid of but I am not sure how time consuming I want it to be etc.  And no matter how much I read all the help pages - I just cannot work out all the fees etc.

Pricewise I try to stay under $30AU as its not as much to lose if the transaction goes pearshaped.

Subject: Re: Ebay

Written By: 80s_cheerleader on 05/19/03 at 08:10 a.m.

I have bought quite a bit off of Ebay, mostly kid's stuff.  I've never had a problem.  In fact, I have even had a couple of sellers throw in some extras when they shipped the items.

My brother sells a ton of stuff on Ebay.  Mostly music-related items.  He has had a few problems, but nothing major.  He's not home much now so he doesn't sell as much, but when he's on a break, that's how he makes a living.  He's been a road manager for a few bands (I think he's on his 6th group) so he has lots of "leftover" tickets, passes, tshirts, etc.  He also buys alot of parts for his "baby" (1970 {69,71?} SuperBee) that he's been restoring for a few years and has never had a problem.

Subject: Re: Ebay

Written By: DaChazman on 05/19/03 at 03:03 p.m.

I use it, but I only look at pictures of the stuff.

Subject: Re: Ebay

Written By: BrianMannixGirl on 05/24/03 at 03:12 a.m.

Well I have just spent the entire day printing out the ebay selling instructions.
Now I have created my storefront (yes an entire day thinking of a name !!) and go from there.
I think I understand all the fee's etc now - I have read it all like 12 times !!

This is the link to my Shopfront and my About Me page

wouldnt mind your constructive critisism - especially if I have missed something vital.  The character restrictions on the shopfront page are really restrictive so I tried to include all the info needed on the About Me Page.

Have not yet added any actual items for auction yet - took all day just to set up these pages !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went and looked at a lot of peoples stores and items etc till I thought I had it all covered.

Tomorrow I need to photograph all the junk and set up the actual selling pages !  There goes the weekend !