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Subject: To: Friends On-Line

Written By: cs on 06/04/03 at 09:27 a.m.

My MIL sent this to me.  Thought it was appropriate for here!

> Dear Lord:
> Every single evening
> As I'm lying here in bed
> This tiny little prayer
> Keeps running through my head.
> God bless all my family
> Wherever they may be,
> Keep them warm and safe from harm
> For they're so close to me.
> And God, there is one more thing
> I wish that you could do.
> Hope you don't mind me asking,
> Bless my computer too.
> Now I know that it's not normal
> To bless a mother board, But listen just a second
> While I explain to you 'My Lord.'
> You see, that little metal box
> Holds more than odds &ends
> Inside those small compartments
> Rest so many of my FRIENDS.
> I know so much about them
> By the kindness that they give
> And this little scrap of metal
> Takes me in to where they live.
> By faith is how I know them
> Much the same as you
> We share in what life brings us
> And from that our friendship grew.
> Please, take an extra minute
> From your duties up above
> To bless those in my address book
> That's filled with so much love!
> Wherever else this prayer may reach
> To each and every friend,
> bless each e-mail Inbox
> And the person who hits Send.
> When you update your heavenly list
> On your own CD-ROM
> Remember each who've said this prayer
> Sent up to God.Com.

Subject: Re: To: Friends On-Line

Written By: Jonman on 06/04/03 at 05:57 p.m.