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Subject: Googlism.com

Written By: lebeiw15 on 06/20/03 at 03:46 p.m.

I love this site  :D


It searches the 'net, like Google does.  Just type in your name (or username) and it will find that name and list what it says about that name over the 'net.  It's cool, try it.

I did it with lebeiw and lebeiw15.  Here's what I came up with:

lebeiw is going to think we should say simple minds
lebeiw is one of my favorite parody artist here who isnt me
(haha I like that one, who said that?  :D)

lebeiw15 is indeed a new webpage editor
lebeiw15 is correct


Subject: Re: Googlism.com

Written By: Goreripper on 06/20/03 at 03:55 p.m.


Here's what mine said:


goreripper is here right now
goreripper is correct
goreripper is an alcoholic film and music critic who likes splatter films and heavy metal


Subject: Re: Googlism.com

Written By: DaChazman on 06/20/03 at 04:51 p.m.

I couldn't find anything about DaChazman, so I put in my name

Charlie Mulligan

Charlie Mulligan is calling from Youngstown

Subject: Re: Googlism.com

Written By: Junior on 06/20/03 at 05:29 p.m.


junior is the perfect kayak for youths and smaller adults :o ::)
junior is the baby of the group >:( ::)
junior is a music teacher at knickerbocker university ::)


<--needs a less common screenname :P

Subject: Re: Googlism.com

Written By: dagwood on 06/20/03 at 05:30 p.m.

I put in Dagwood and got a whole list.  The only problem is it was worded as his and such.  I don't know why I am surprised. ::)

I put in Dagny and got a bunch...I will cut it to my faves, though.

dagny is any better than before?
dagny is more mature
dagny is beautiful and will have a wonderful loving family and a story to remember
dagny is now john galt's lover
dagny is the clueless one (yup) ;)

Lots of Atlas Shrugged references.  No surprise there. :)

Subject: Re: Googlism.com

Written By: Junior on 06/20/03 at 05:33 p.m.


lebeiw is one of my favorite parody artist here who isnt me
(haha I like that one, who said that?  :D)

End Quote

50 bucks says it was a Florio. :D

<-- has a good memory. ;)

Subject: Re: Googlism.com

Written By: CatwomanofV on 06/20/03 at 05:38 p.m.

Under Catwoman (there was nothing for CatwomanofV) there was a long list. Under my real name (yes, I actually have one of those  ;)) it said " _____ is our leader." So if those little green men say to you, "Take me to your leader," well, you know where to find me.  ;)


Subject: Re: Googlism.com

Written By: Jessica on 06/20/03 at 06:18 p.m.

Some of mine:

Jessica is pregnant. Fact or fiction? {Fiction for a bit longer.}
Jessica is nude. {Not at the moment.}
Jessica is dead. {I am?}

And my two favorites that actually describe me perfectly:

Jessica is a b*tch.
Jessica is Satan.


Subject: Re: Googlism.com

Written By: Billy_Florio on 06/20/03 at 07:04 p.m.


50 bucks says it was a Florio. :D

<-- has a good memory. ;)
End Quote

that sounds like something one of us would say lol

Subject: Re: Googlism.com

Written By: Billy_Florio on 06/20/03 at 07:07 p.m.

heres mine and Im not lying! lol

billy florio is the best parody artist around

hmmm...I may have said this, but i dont know lol..Junior, hows your memory? lol

Subject: Re: Googlism.com

Written By: Billy_Florio on 06/20/03 at 07:10 p.m.

I just now typed in Bill Florio:

bill florio is a senior
bill florio is a senior vice president at roanoke trade services

well, the senior one would have been true back in high school lol...how long ago was that? lol

the second one.....um...damn, I knew I should have made people tell me when they decide to make me vice presidents lol

Subject: Re: Googlism.com

Written By: Junior on 06/20/03 at 07:19 p.m.

heres mine and Im not lying! lol

billy florio is the best parody artist around

hmmm...I may have said this, but i dont know lol..Junior, hows your memory? lol
End Quote

5 (yes, only 5, not 50) bucks say this was you :D

Subject: Re: Googlism.com

Written By: Rice_Cube on 06/20/03 at 07:24 p.m.

Googlism for: rice cube

rice cube is correct and now has 6 pts
rice cube is familiar but cyclops is sexy
rice cube is da bomb
rice cube is hit satanic up on his celly

I have no idea what this means.

Subject: Re: Googlism.com

Written By: Race_Bannon on 06/20/03 at 07:25 p.m.

My name had some good ones, check out the last one-

Googlism for: race bannon

race bannon is cooler than james bond
race bannon is an ex
race bannon is his role model
race bannon is suing his longtime associate and traveling companion
race bannon is the muscle and boy does he love to show it
race bannon is by far the toughest
race bannon is largely responsible for the reclassification of sm as non
race bannon is a nationally recognized expert in s/m sexuality
race bannon is a btas batman
race bannon is in danger
race bannon is in no way assoatied with this product
race bannon is almost exactly as you remember him
race bannon is in hong kong to meet a contact to pump them for some information
race bannon is a well
race bannon is frightened
race bannon is a freelance writer based in san francisco
race bannon is jonny's mom
race bannon is best described as a man of action
race bannon is a special agent that was assigned to be the bodyguard of the quest family
race bannon is department head of computer information systems at wake technical community college
race bannon is a founding member of the group
race bannon is a nationally recognized expert on sm
race bannon is reveled to have once been a man in black in an episode of the real adventures of johnny quest
race bannon is rushed to questworld to be revived
race bannon is suspiciously absent
race bannon is also the originator of kap
race bannon is the cia
race bannon is the president of daedalus publishing
race bannon is ranked 158 and has played for 39m in 14 days
race bannon is a yeti hybrid who waxes
race bannon is the leader of this creative publishing
race bannon is the man
race bannon is from bloomington though
race bannon is swinging down from a rope
race bannon is a real "american hero"

And finally the truth is out-
race bannon is turned on by hadji :o

Subject: Re: Googlism.com

Written By: princessputter on 06/20/03 at 07:29 p.m.

Sorry, Google doesn't know enough about princessputter yet.
and they never will?? i hope... ::)

Subject: Re: Googlism.com

Written By: princessputter on 06/20/03 at 07:40 p.m.

putter is talking
putter is considerate
putter is worth a second look
putter is the perfect golf putting instrument
putter is based on the billiard cue principle
putter is as easy as filling out this brief      huh???
putter is a visual cueing device so
putter is red hot     soo true!!
putter is based on the principle of the billard cue and is the result of many years of research and development into what really constitutes
putter is based on the billiard cue principle of mass behind the ball
putter is to throw weight
putter is hot     right again
putter is milled from a
putter is individually made especially for you  
putter is designed
putter is square to the target line
putter is patented to be a pendulum that swings square to the chosen target line
putter is a visual cueing device so unique it is currently patent pending
putter is a tough task
putter is the absolute best of putters in holding your putts on line at any speed or distance
putter is the ultimate best of all putters in holding your putts on line at any speed or distance
putter is 35 inches?    34 but who countin
putter is a great golf training aid and it will fit right in your golf bag
putter is too long for a golfer?
putter is one that retains all the original equipment
putter is closely scrutinized so we can be sure we have the best product on the market
putter is in excellent condition   < grinz>
putter is that it’s the only putter in the world where the shaft is connected directly to the sweet spot of the putter   what spout??
putter is a custom
putter is tailored to fit you  true
putter is king   eh?
putter is as close as golf equipment comes to being art
putter is for serious golfers who love and appreciate the
putter is the only putter that has a forward pressing shaft that automatically puts your hands properly in front of the putter face for better control
putter is center shafted with an onset; meaning the shaft is behind the head
putter is aligned to the hole
putter is like shooting a gun with a bent sight; conventional putters won’t   yeah we dont do windows..
putter is the stabilizer bar
putter is our flagship limited edition model
putter is made
putter is heavier than my other one    am not!!!
putter is carefully laser
putter is the ugliest   omg booo hoooo!
putter is amazing  true
putter is designed to place both the copp and the node to a specific location in the grip  wuts a node?
putter is a registered trademark
putter is an offshoot of the tdp 4
putter is custom crafted to match individual golfer's playing specifications
putter is making great advances in improving putting  true
putter is available in the following designs
putter is the most technologically advanced and revolutionary putter to hit the golf circuit in years
putter is
putter is a perfect putter for players who prefer a rim not quite as deep as the z version
putter is a chunk of steel mounted on the end of a stick
putter is designed to maintain the swing on the putting path
putter is face balanced
putter is greatly influenced by your own preferences and yet there are several factors that should be considered when searching for that magic
putter is the best fitting implement in their bag
putter is probably the right tool to use    use for??
putter is the golf putter on the internet and here's why
putter is unique and beneficial   i am:)
putter is supplied with a plain red headcover  i olny did that once
putter is picked up
putter is incredibly easy   am not!!!
putter is also made of double aged stainless steel with 14 brass plugs in the face
putter is a cast putter with a new mizuno pebax thermoplastic elastomer insert designed to recreate a forged feel
putter is very consistent  sumtimes..
putter is good enough to overcome it huh
putter is right for you and what options to look for in a putter to help your game
putter is the only putter on the market with a totally new ceramic putter head and is more responsive to the touch
putter is lying flat on the green
putter is face
putter is the most important club in the bag and used over 40% of the time
putter is balanced for me to yeild a perfect take
putter is inserted into the putter head for improved stability
putter is a mid putter  
putter is that the neck serves as an alignment aid
putter is completely individual and there is not any rightputter for a
putter is computer  am not
putter is more consistent
putter is located in the extreme heel & toe
putter is round     round where..?
putter is more forgiving  usually am..
putter is exactly the same as for the standard putter described above except
putter is hand crafted from any one of a variety of exotic hardwoods
putter is designed by our founder
putter is both horizontal and vertical balanced
putter is in nederland een vrij algemene broedvogel in tuinen
putter is to take the wrist out of the stroke by having a point of the putter become anchored in a fixed position
putter is the only club in the bag with no obvious loft on the face
putter is whooping all of the current crop of putters in target shooting so far
putter is like new condition
putter is the ultimate in heel
putter is the first and only legal putter that makes the ball go exactly where you aim
putter is that it is weighted nicely so that it almost swings by itself

Subject: Re: Googlism.com

Written By: Zella on 06/20/03 at 07:50 p.m.

Mine were boring....

But all these were pretty good! ;D

indygent is probably waiting for vanilla pepsi to come out
indygent is wrong

bobo is on the prowl for women on the internet
bobo is a female "blue" doberman of very friendly nature
bobo is looking for food

mike florio is playing perry mason today
mike florio is the stud's name

banasy is apparently being frisky

don carlos is an oasis of tranquillity bursting with mediterranean colour and fragrance
don carlos is also in love with his stepmother

wicked lester is a biter
wicked lester is behind the coffin

southern spitfire is right
southern spitfire is in love

fussbudget is not easy
fussbudget is just shoving the last few fruits into its huge mouth
fussbudget is large and also owns a pipe wrench

hairspray is our inthe80s energizer posting bunny
hairspray is nasty stuff on the floor

screwball is small enough and light enough to fit comfortably in any pocket or purse

Subject: Re: Googlism.com

Written By: lebeiw15 on 06/20/03 at 08:45 p.m.

I just had to look this one up... I was curious, okay?

crazy don is it 'sad movies' by sue thompson?
crazy don is asleep to post just so he can get his knickers in a twist
crazy don is putting on show makeup

:-X  :-X  :-X

Subject: Re: Googlism.com

Written By: Rice_Cube on 06/20/03 at 08:48 p.m.

crazy don is it 'sad movies' by sue thompson?
crazy don is asleep to post just so he can get his knickers in a twist
crazy don is putting on show makeup

:-X  :-X  :-X
I had to do it.
End Quote


Oh man...oh daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang!!!!

;D ;D ;D

Subject: Re: Googlism.com

Written By: Rice_Cube on 06/20/03 at 08:52 p.m.

For my real name...

Googlism for: kin

kin is an
kin is £4
kin is an impostor
kin is an impostor saturday august 31
kin is not just about community service and membership
kin is advantageous when
kin is on fire
kin is seen as answer to slumping grain
kin is misleading investors
kin is a nonprofit intergenerational network supported by the passion and contributions of its members
kin is the uk's number one shareware package for documenting and storing family trees
kin is a sad story in many ways
kin is fourth
kin is an impostor saturday
kin is the product of scruggs' desire to embrace the history of the paternal side of her family and answer to the question of how she fits into that
kin is a soundtrack album by justin adams
kin is a voyage of scientific discovery and interspecies communication unlike any that has come before
kin is elderly or of fragile physical or mental health
kin is legally responsible and liable for offences committed by its members
kin is
kin is legal
kin is a network of organisations that have chosen to actively shape the way they exploit their knowledge
kin is a network linking business practitioners and researchers in the area of knowledge management and innovation
kin is the graduate?s oldest surviving child
kin is an impostor by martin griffith associated press reno
kin is an all
kin is a strong one
kin is defined as the unremarried widow or widower
kin is a small
kin is afkomstig uit senegal
kin is a maya phrase which means the coming of the rising sun
kin is aimed at relearning this history
kin is a handsomely produced reference book
kin is a rather introverted fellow
kin is a win3
kin is made a coroners' case? 7
kin is playing at 13
kin is a unique mixture of personalities and musical styles coming together to form a truly worthwhile listening experience
kin is the eldest adult son or daughter; c
kin is legally responsible and liable for offences commited by its members
kin is a
kin is left alone with with his policeman friend chung
kin is in every middle school in the north east district and in three elementary schools in north east with more than 1
kin is a thrilling piece of work
kin is in i kin sat giving thanks kin sit thinking kin's thanksgivings it saith this in thanksgiving
kin is no exception
kin is a democratic organization in which the decision making is done by the membership
kin is showing at
kin is the collective term for the various peoples of the seven kingdoms
kin is a novel new approach to matching up prospective hosts with establishments and private parties looking for karaoke entertainment
kin is fact of life
kin is filming bloodbrothers 2001 club tour all over connecticut
kin is an associate director with drew & napier llc and is a key member of the info
kin is very strong and alive even in a very hot water
kin is swapping
kin is available and
kin is defined as the closest person to the subject
kin is a well written comic book based on the subject of anthropology
kin is the story of carrie buck
kin is more than a book about the theory and practice of science
kin is not determined inappropriate based solely on the relative or kin's failure to contact the cw worker
kin is sufficient for donation to proceed

Didn't know I HAD a friend named Chung ;D

Subject: Re: Googlism.com

Written By: XenaKat13 on 06/20/03 at 09:05 p.m.

There is nothing for XenaKat13, or XenaKat...but for Kat there is:

kat is where its at
kat is a brat
kat is furious
kat is my religion
kat is drowning cowboys   (:o)
kat is weird
kat is drawing cowboys
kat is ancient
kat is still around
kat is looking for work
kat is very unstable after telling zoe she is her mother
kat is ready to work
kat is obsessed with taking tests

kat is one feisty  ( )

kat is much funnier with her running commentary

kat is really her mum  (this one is more true than I care to admit)

kat is my open honest sweet secret soul girlboy woman (well which is it? girl or boy?)

kat is a surefire winner

kat is god  (and don't you forget it!!!! >:( )

kat is always worth listening to
kat is hard to measure

kat is more your type ( are you listening?)

kat is a very smart kat

kat is ready to strike terror into the eyes and ears of all (pay attention all  ;))

kat is probably the most inventive

There you have it.  Worship me or Die!!!!

Subject: Re: Googlism.com

Written By: Billy_Florio on 06/20/03 at 09:11 p.m.


kat is ready to strike terror into the eyes and ears of all (pay attention all  ;))

End Quote

well, your gonna have to make room....Penny Lane is already in my ears and in my eyes  ;)

Subject: Re: Googlism.com

Written By: Mike_Florio on 06/20/03 at 10:29 p.m.

mike florio is a dead man
mike florio is the founder and managing editor of profootballtalk
mike florio is playing perry mason today
mike florio is the owner and the man in charge over at the very popular pro football talk website
mike florio is the stud's name

and Michael...

michael florio is brilliantly characterized
michael florio is a master of mind
michael florio is a complex

and Lebeiw wasn't the only one...

florio is the best parody artist around

and now I dont know if thats me or my bro...

just funny:
florio is all black

Subject: Re: Googlism.com

Written By: Hairspray on 06/20/03 at 11:51 p.m.

Under "hairspray" it says quite a lot. The one which applies to me is:

hairspray is our inthe80s energizer posting bunny.

Yeap. That was once upon a time.

Subject: Re: Googlism.com

Written By: Jonman on 06/21/03 at 02:18 a.m.

Hmmmmmm...not a lot for me:

jonman is?
jonman is as die hard as they come
jonman is trusted by
jonman is the 5th to be tossed
jonman is a proud member of bswjbj

Subject: Re: Googlism.com

Written By: Gis on 06/21/03 at 02:34 a.m.

Ok here I am as Gis this site is very cool.I have to confess Gis stands for an online geographical thing so I deleated a load but anyway....
gis is rapidly becoming indispensable ABSOLUTELY!
gis is flying in new york state I WISH !!
gis is building building better ways to move your gis ???
gis is a technology innovation ER RIGHT......
gis is needed I HOPE.
gis is precisely that I AM WHAT I AM.
gis is an approach to science (laughs hysterically as I was crap at science,maybe that's what they mean!!)
gis is evvvvillll MOI??
gis is a visual language OF COURSE.
gis is generally used  :-/
gis is going national OK
gis is can not easily be done in a few words or even sentencesTRUE!
gis is here RIGHT NOW !!
gis is good I AM AN ANGEL!!
gis is rapidly becoming indispensable for archaeology' JUST CALL ME INDIANNA !
gis is becoming more critical to state and local governments HMMMM
gis and what is not WHAT IS NOT WHAT??
gis is needed BLESS
gis is a toolbox RIIIIIIGHT
gis is a tool for managing business information of any kind according to where it's located *laughs hysterically again*
gis is my kryptonite  ;D
gis is discussed in the house of commons GOD I HOPE NOT....
gis is not. I LIKE THIS ONE
gis is changing the way organizations manage information FOR THE WORSE!!
gis is a powerful tool OH YES
gis is much smallerWELL I WISH MY WAISTLINE WERE!
gis is perfect for marine protected areasI'M FULLY HOUSETRAINED TOO!
gis is not the real world BUT MY WORLD IS BETTER!


Subject: Re: Googlism.com

Written By: Gis on 06/21/03 at 02:59 a.m.

Ok and here are a selection of my real name there were loads !

gisela is that size 'FRAID SO.
gisela is an enthusiastic and omnivorous reader TRUE!
gisela is fun I AM?
gisela is an equal opportunity employer  ;)
gisela is going to create a website with information on allies/enemies I KNOW THEM ALL.......
gisela is often in her kitchen preparing one of her puerto rican specialties for family and friends ???
gisela is more stubborn than that OH YES DONKEYS HAVE NOTHING ON ME FOR STUBBORNESS.
gisela is listed in who's who in international real estate I AM??
gisela is still living WELL I WAS THE LAST TIME I CHECKED.
gisela is the creator of a mystery novel I WISH
gisela is the 1 I AM!
gisela is quiet and serious and ricardo is lively and talkativeWHO THE HECK IS RICARDO ???
gisela is a fantastic cook and decorator—she even does oil paintings WHAT CAN I SAY??
gisela is the first head girl of the chalet school ;D
gisela is one of the young 'goose girls' on moel eyris???
gisela is an artist and you can see from her garden where she must get a lot of her inspiration I DO PAINT AND I DO GARDEN WEIRD.....
gisela is very successful in what she does I WISH :-/
gisela is experienced in organizational assessment and redesign ;D
gisela is determined not to allow rutgar into her keep or her heart WHO THE HECK IS RUTGAR ??
gisela is in charge of all scheduling AGAIN I WISH.......
gisela is the perfect grieving widow I SEEM TO BE MULTIPLE TASKING
gisela is the way to go OH YES
gisela is not happy  >:(
gisela is my favorite contestant here; she is very beautifulWHY THANK YOU !
gisela plays trombone for the choir
gisela is a terrorist and she was caught with the assassin nail????
gisela is second from the right OKAY
gisela is all smiles about something ;)
gisela is both author and main actress of the play SEE IS THERE NO END TO MY TALENTS!!
gisela is wrongly stated to be already married DID IAN POST THIS ??
gisela is filming I AM??
gisela is increasingly trying to avoid the tender touches of his clammy fingers EXCUSE ME I FEEL ILL NOW......

Subject: Re: Googlism.com

Written By: Bobo on 06/21/03 at 04:43 a.m.

bobo is from universal studios florida
bobo is our parrot we are his hosts
bobo is our parrot
bobo is a poopstain
bobo is back
bobo is just a bozo with a typo
bobo is dead
bobo is a hobo
bobo is back with his new album called "magic" to be released on monday
bobo is a producer
bobo is back member posts
bobo is of primary importance
bobo is so simple
bobo is an object publisher written in python
bobo is a popular figure in sri lankan music scene and his songs 'there is a party'
bobo is foolish
bobo is one of america's top marimba artists
bobo is that person that makes it all okay
bobo is on the prowl for women on the internet
bobo is in india dreaming about going to america to play baseball in the circus
bobo is doug?s faithful student disciple
bobo is too needy to tell doug to kiss his little bobo behind
bobo is weg
bobo is getting well
bobo is going to release his new single celebration tomorrow
bobo is the jula group
bobo is very much in demand as a teacher of all brass instruments
bobo is one of the world's most renowned tubists and brass pedagogues
bobo is short for bobolina
bobo is busy with many projects
bobo is a nice little chick besides being cute bobo has some surprising dsp capabilities
bobo is finally a fath
bobo is the president of environmental management
bobo is slightly over 100
bobo is trusted by
bobo is a sort of database for
bobo is an associate professor at life university
bobo is a female "blue" doberman of very friendly nature
bobo is well known in merovingian contexts
bobo is a kindly circus master who always looks after his animals
bobo is green
bobo is niet veel aangekomen
bobo is a baby boomer who made it without bloodlines
bobo is a loving bunny who loves to be pet
bobo is saying about him
bobo is a true story
bobo is looking for food
bobo is een west highland white terrier
bobo is free software that includes an object publisher
bobo is a 9 year old neutered male husky cross
bobo is a gentle
bobo is a hybred american bulldog
bobo is dangerous and evil and despite his distaste
bobo is an orb that translates http requests into python object references
bobo is fatigued
bobo is the first to admit he can be somewhat of an embarrassment at times
bobo is a frantic knockabout tragedy as bobo is sent to clown prison for a daring but silly crime and must escape to try and prevent his family from
bobo is a super crime solver who always gets his man
bobo is unemployed and begs money from mr
bobo is the founder
bobo is the author of lives matter
bobo is a classic fool character who manages
bobo is suddenly surrounded by little
bobo is a
bobo is a web development system and a comprehensive collection of tools for developing world wide web applications
bobo is slow and plodding
bobo is faithful to his marital union
bobo is a sweet and eager spaniel mix with floppy ears and a sunny disposition
bobo is a dancer with the doonia ballet an extremely talented troop of gambian & senegalese traditional artists
bobo is not going to the commonwealth games? anybody to give a clue? the clue i
bobo is in your family?
bobo is a company engaged in internet service provision
bobo is that it doesn't attract a hipster
bobo is always thirsty and ready to drink life to the lees
bobo is a rather masculine name
bobo is indeed an independent democrat
bobo is frequently portrayed as either a dark black person or a light
bobo is onderdeel van het netwerk vrouwonline
bobo is the problem
bobo is holding my right hand with his left
bobo is entering his fourth year of coaching asu football
bobo is hardly a new upper
bobo is using for the pizzas
bobo is a book of four hilarious folktales
bobo is not a loser and whoever said that is a triple
bobo is bleeding

If you say so...
Well, that's a relief...
Thanks to my fluent knowledge of dutch...

Subject: Re: Googlism.com

Written By: Bobo on 06/21/03 at 04:49 a.m.

I was going to post for my real name, but it was too filthy...

Subject: Re: Googlism.com

Written By: VirtuosoClaptrap on 06/21/03 at 05:48 a.m.

virtuoso is a story of an exceptional place and an exceptional passion  8)

virtuoso is like immersing yourself in another world  ;)

virtuoso is an illustrated celebration of the human potential in all of us  ;)

virtuoso is extremely easy to use with indicator leds  :o

virtuoso is the story of the greatest rock & roll mega star in the 21st century who can't take the rock and roll lifestyle  ;D

virtuoso is legendary for his dynamics  :P

virtuoso is a good unit  ???

virtuoso is not exactly on some boots riley shit  ??? ??? ???

virtuoso is back with a vengance on this single as he tells all enemies he is ready for war on "god of thunder"  ;D

virtuoso is modular and very logical  ;)

virtuoso is perhaps not completely satisfying  >:( ??? >:(

virtuoso is case sensitive on the "set" clause when doing update command; bug  ???

virtuoso is a canadian  ??? ??? ???

virtuoso is hard at work in the lab recording his second album  ::)

virtuoso is forever thinking ahead to his next destination  ;)

virtuoso is a doom  ???

virtuoso is limited  >:( ??? >:(

virtuoso is apparent in all of his music  8)

virtuoso is back on the market  :-* :-* :-*

virtuoso is a very original book from smyslov  ???

virtuoso is fully horn loaded  :P :P :P ;)

virtuoso is a revolutionary  8)

Subject: Re: Googlism.com

Written By: SheRa340 on 06/23/03 at 05:38 a.m.

It said..."Sorry, Googolism doesn't know enough about Shera340 yet"
I feel cheated!

Subject: Re: Googlism.com

Written By: philbo_baggins on 06/23/03 at 07:21 a.m.

Nothing on philbo baggins... but

phil alexander is a total arsehole who would not know metal if it bit him on the arse

...I hope is referring to the editor of Kerrang magazine ;-)


Subject: Re: Googlism.com

Written By: Tone-Def on 06/24/03 at 01:30 p.m.

Tone-def is so funny
Tone-Def is right
Tone-Def is going to get his wish

not bad

Subject: Re: Googlism.com

Written By: oddxsocks on 06/24/03 at 01:52 p.m.

some of the interesting ones...

christine is a beautiful vintage purse with roses
christine is my favorite
christine is a talented writer and the author of many books
christine is definitely obsessed
christine is the war bride of leonard vole
christine is still a closet celine fan
christine is one of scotland's great singers
christine is not limited to obscure and goofy nickelodeon shows
christine is a latent witch (;D)
christine is arriving at the foot of the mausoleum steps
christine is 21 she no longer worries about being caught in bars anymore (;))

oddsocks is ranked 5th by google for 'bad things that happen in the pancake center of the universe' (LMAO)
odd socks is only weird the first few times (for what?! :o)
odd socks is a grave crime
odd socks is eccentric

doxers is a booger

padrino is discovered poisoned and with an arrow in her heart (:o)
padrino is an awesome site (hm... :D)

hella is ****ing amazing ;D
hella is also trend (did they forget the "y"?)

Subject: Re: Googlism.com

Written By: 80s_cheerleader on 06/25/03 at 08:10 a.m.

cheerleader is a national finalist
cheerleader is dedicated to erica and ashley the newest freshman members of the the varsity football cheerleading squad  sure, if someone will just tell me who the heck erica and ashley are  :P
cheerleader is a dreamer that never gives up

cheerleader is published by the british cheerleading association click on logo for bca web site search 650 bca web site pages
cheerleader is back in print long
cheerleader is connected to the following things
cheerleader is connected to because
cheerleader is 7/8"   ??? ??? ???
cheerleader is at expressing themselves
cheerleader is part of who you are
cheerleader is a long  a long what???
cheerleader is the plodding plot
cheerleader is "benched" a section of a game
cheerleader is a light comedy that has the foresight to end before it grows tiresome
cheerleader is long and hard and it begins with "education
cheerleader is to support school athletics

cheerleader is the only cheerleading magazine that is written by cheerleading experts
cheerleader is harmless fluff on film that doesn't take itself too seriously

cheerleader is essentially a volunteer job
cheerleader is independent in theme and spirit
cheerleader is the new film from jeff miller
cheerleader is delivered to you with our advanced technology service and a fast order processing and convenient customer service
cheerleader is an overblown
cheerleader is an incredible athlete   ;D
cheerleader is responsible for purchasing pom pons   8)you could call it that
cheerleader is not passing the required number of subjects
cheerleader is wise and funny

cheerleader is an honor and carries with it the responsibility of leadership
cheerleader is the brainchild of jamie babbit and brian wayne peterson  guess it's better than John Wayne Bobbitt ;D

cheerleader is a very special thing   :-*
cheerleader is set up on a fitness program which includes   weight training and cardio components
cheerleader is a serious responsibility
cheerleader is a cinematic bildungsroman
cheerleader is not the sheer glamour position that most teen films and wb dramedies would have us believe
cheerleader is certainly a disappointment
cheerleader is to succeed at the tryouts
cheerleader is strength
cheerleader is showing at
cheerleader is both an encourager and excellent communicator
cheerleader is so busy
cheerleader is hard work
cheerleader is ultimately a sexy   Mama? ;)
cheerleader is a comedy about being gay and being sent away to rehabilitation camp    :o
cheerleader is suing the west st

cheerleader is now much more serious business than rugby league has ever seen before
cheerleader is certainly not subtle in the least
cheerleader is a low budget comedy that tries to spoof attitudes toward homosexuality and those organizations which try to convert
cheerleader is responsible for the sale of at least seven
cheerleader is structurally homogenized  Got Milk?
cheerleader is the story of megan

Well, as I'm sure you can imagine, there were alot more, but I didn't want Hairspray to get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from editing them 8)

Subject: Re: Googlism.com

Written By: karen (Guest) on 06/25/03 at 09:48 a.m.

It only found one reference as the real me

karen bedwell is communications manager for the library at the london school of economics and political science

(My University clearly doesn't want to promote itself on this sort of thing!)

As my screen name it found lots of stuff.

Here are the edited highlights!

karen is home
karen is a little slut right who wrote that?!
karen is right and don't you forget it
karen is the coolest see ^
karen is lief WTF?
karen is famous
karen is exceptional
karen is exposed in health and fitness magazine  :o
karen is a professional researcher somebody tell my boss please
karen is correct see its here again so it must be true
karen is a friend who is there for you always
karen is an active contributor to her community
karen is a kind person
karen is very special and caring
karen is a member of lots of things
karen is shown with a large gather of molten glass on the end of her punty what's a punty ?  ???
karen is fifty no I'm not
karen is home
karen is out
karen is out of the office karen is confused?
karen is looking what for?
karen is the coolest
karen is having a bad a bad what? hair day?, trip?
karen is intruiged by her shoelaces I love this one!
karen is home
karen is back
karen is in
karen is out of the office oh-oh getting dizzy again!
karen is very talented and very funny
karen is a kind person
karen is very special and caring
karen is an outdoors person
karen is from snohomish where??

Subject: Re: Googlism.com

Written By: Shaz on 06/25/03 at 11:41 a.m.

I love it, I put in Shaz and came up with wonderful stuff. Such as Shaz is bi, Shaz is our hero, Shaz is in prison Shaz is on a rampage and the best: SHaz is RIGHT!  ;D

Subject: Re: Googlism.com

Written By: Junior on 06/25/03 at 02:31 p.m.

junior is armed and
junior is tied
junior is first :D
junior is on the bus  ???
junior is science symposium
junior is floundering
junior is a debater
junior is golden boy of x games
junior is our new red devil
junior is a fully searchable knowledge base
junior is free download utility
junior is enjoying
junior is mint
junior is no ordinary doe ;D :D
junior is a 2 year old large wirehaired terrier hound mix ;D :D
junior is the first in the city to be accredited
junior is in the living room with eugene
junior is safe at juniornet
junior is armed and dangerous by tommy ventre
junior is one of 50 preseason candidates for the wooden player of the year award
junior is first in school history to be named all
junior is heir apparent
junior is year's top point producer in national events at university level
junior is floundering dubya seems to be seriously floundering these days
junior is a debater and vice president of key club
junior is golden boy of x games last run in skateboard street gives brazilian third gold of event monday
junior is his own bush now in a new venue and new career
junior is his own bush now
junior is an invention that makes color correction easy for children
junior is studying chemistry in biosphere michael beman '99 is spending the semester in a bubble
junior is third cowboy to travel with big 12 all
junior is enjoying the best year of his career
junior is winner of recipe contest :P
junior is señorita dominicana ::)
junior is getting along just fine
junior is so much fun ;D ;D ;D ;D
junior is watching (yeah I'm watching you!)
junior is a great tasting vitamin and mineral supplement for kids aged 4
junior is fast
junior is alive and well
junior is an internet contest for students in schools across the world
junior is a monthly journal of christian apologetics and bible studies for children
junior is a natural one
junior is on the vines and he climbs down
junior is for a small home theater setup
junior is a music teacher at knickerbocker university
junior is paid at the rate of 3
junior is gone again
junior is to the 1990s what lawrence taylor was in the 80s
junior is a taste you get fond of :D
junior is eliminated
junior is finalist for employee of the year
junior is a light
junior is just so pure of heart ;D ;D
junior is the baby of the group >:( :o who said that?
junior is great for many other types of music besides downhome boogie woogie and the like :P
junior is designed around the same concept as '97 hercules
junior is a fascinating look into the life of one of the most prolific male child actors of the silent era
junior is the perfect kayak for youths and smaller adults ::)

Subject: Re: Googlism.com

Written By: Billy_Florio on 06/25/03 at 08:34 p.m.


junior is the perfect kayak for youths and smaller adults ::)

End Quote

I knew that...

Subject: Re: Googlism.com

Written By: Mike_Florio on 06/26/03 at 10:10 p.m.

best one by far

Florio is the other white meat

Subject: Re: Googlism.com

Written By: BigL2003 on 06/28/03 at 09:37 p.m.

This is my first post on this board!

Anyway... i did my first name then my screenname:

luke is a dog

luke is a braindead pile of used food  >:(
luke is soooooooooooooooo fine  ;)
luke is easily accessible  ;D
luke is headed for a bad ending  :o
luke is de hoofdpersoon in deze strip  ???

and there were heaps more not so funny ones...

Big L:
big l is one of the greatest and even though hes not with us physically

Edited for profanity. Read The Forum Guidelines.

Subject: Re: Googlism.com

Written By: Howard on 06/29/03 at 12:59 a.m.

Howard is po  ???
Howard is running  ???
Howard is 6  ???

No,I'm not I'm 30. ::) ;D