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Subject: RIP Bob Hope

Written By: Billy_Florio on 07/28/03 at 10:22 a.m.

tis a sad day....one of the greatest commedians and comic actors to ever live has died at the age of 100  :'(

Woody Allen once said that paradise would be watching six Bob Hope movies in a row...Hope influenced Allen a great bit, as well as influenced many others via his movies that made Hope the quintesential anti-hero.  

His work that he did with Bing Crosby is priceless.  His road pictures are some of the funnyist movies to man...Road to Utopia is my favorite, but Road to Moracco, Road to Zanzibar, and Road to Rio are close seconds.

After Bings death in 1979 (I think), the producers were planning on making another Road movie with Hope and Sid Ceaser...they changed the idea around because they figured that both Hope and Ceaser were way too old to play the roles.  THey instead casted Dan Ackroyd and Chevy Chase, and named the movie Spies like us.  

Hopes solo movies are amazing too.  Paleface, the son of Pale face, The Ruggles of Red gap, and Alias Jess James were all some of the first parodies of westerns (the only ones earlier were probably Destry rides again, Keaton's Go West, the Marx's Go west, Laurel and Hardy's Way out west, and the Hal Roach Two wagons both covered).  His movie My favorite Blonde is a parody of Hitchcock like films, and his film My favorite Brunette is a Film noir spoof...these films are the reason why Hope is considered the original king of parody.  Other movies like THe Ghost breakers (later remade into Martin and Lewis' Scarred stiff) and the Cat and the canary, etc, all made Hope a legend, and his work with the USO shows in 4 wars just soldified it.  

Bob Hope, you will be missed....America has lost a great man.   :'(

Subject: Re: RIP Bob Hope

Written By: Fred on 07/28/03 at 11:12 p.m.