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Subject: Love Via E-mail?

Written By: The_Ghetto_John on 09/17/03 at 12:22 a.m.

What is your alls opinion on falling in love through the internet, through either email, or aim, or whatever. I kind of need this advice because to be frank I am falling for a girl in Indiana and I just feel weird about it. I dont know, just help me out hombrays.

Subject: Re: Love Via E-mail?

Written By: cs on 09/17/03 at 12:48 a.m.

Spend enough time with someone and feelings are bound to start making you starry eyed.  
As long as you have realistic expectations of your internet romance(s) and you understand that the other person may not be all the things you think they are.  Remember, you're only "seeing" what they want you to see on the net.  They may not be intentionally hiding anything from you, but you're seeing them in a very limited capacity.  
Lots of good relationships had their beginnings on the net.  You may know some of these names: Wicked Lester and Goldie (married last month), DJ Midas and Jessica (he's moved across the country closer to her), and others.  
I guess I'm going to sound like your mother here:
You are young, don't jump to any conclusions, enjoy your youth.
Now I'm going to sound like one of your guy friends:
Don't get hung up on a piece of a**.

Both are excellent pieces of advice.

Whatever your decision - good luck. cs

Subject: Re: Love Via E-mail?

Written By: Freddy on 09/18/03 at 07:54 p.m.

Now remember this, I'm sure this person is who she says she is, but this person could be someone posing to be her.

'Cuz I've heard of 50 year old guys who pretend to be twelve year old girls online.  :P

Subject: Re: Love Via E-mail?

Written By: cs on 09/19/03 at 09:13 a.m.

Eeeeewww John, you could be in lust with a 50 year old guy!  Just teasing kiddo!

Good luck!

Subject: Re: Love Via E-mail?

Written By: goldie on 09/19/03 at 05:00 p.m.

Love on the internet can be a wonderful thing but I agree with cs, honesty is the biggest part of it. You need to know the whole person, not just what they tell you. Lester and I met here last year and it was the best thing that ever happened to me but I know of other online relationships that didn't turn out so well. So I guess the best advice I can give you is to be careful and listen to your heart!

Good luck!!

Subject: Re: Love Via E-mail?

Written By: Bobby on 09/19/03 at 05:48 p.m.

Hmm! You're very vulnerable on the net when you are chatting to people (especially without a webcam). You have to ask yourself two things:

1. Are you prepared to move to the other side of the country to be with her?

2. Do you really know enough about her to make that decision?

Subject: Re: Love Via E-mail?

Written By: Something on 09/19/03 at 06:10 p.m.

I found love, and I wasn't even looking for it. Glad it happened though. Just follow your heart like Goldie said. You'll know if its the right thing for you. :)