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Subject: M.E.N Theatre Awards 2003

Written By: Tallulah on 11/12/03 at 07:02 a.m.

I hope this is the correct forum to post this on - and most probably more relevant to British readers/posters, so apologies in advance!

I received an email from Dave Spikey today saying that he has been nominated for the Comedy Award at the Manchester Evening News Theatre Awards which
take place on Dec 2nd.  

(For anyone who doesnt know who Dave Spikey is then he plays Jerry on Phoenix Nights, and has been a stand-up comic for many years - If you havent seen Phoenix Nights then I suggest you watch it asap!)

Now, I'm not sure if the nomination process is just open to people in the MEN Arena area (ie - Manchester/North of England) but you can email your vote to lesley.breen@men-news.co.uk

The reason I am posting this here is that there are other comedians up for the award, namely Dave Gorman , Peter Kay and John Shuttleworth and I thought that as I am such a big fan of Peter Kay and Dave Gorman (of Googlewhacking fame), then it was only fair that the vote should be advertised more widely.

There is only one stipulation for the nomination entry.  You have to vote on three catagories - the first being the Actor/Comedy performer who has performed in a show in the last 12 months (nominations as above), best actress in a soap and best actor in a soap.  You have to leave your name, full address and contact telephone number.

Just thought you might be interested!

Subject: Re: M.E.N Theatre Awards 2003

Written By: philbo_baggins on 11/12/03 at 07:17 a.m.

I'm a bit of a Dave Gorman fan, too - I thought his searching for Dave Gormans was hilarious: the write-up didn't inspire, but when I caught the programme, more by accident than anything, I was hooked.  It became required viewing.

Is there a MEN website to have a look at?

Subject: Re: M.E.N Theatre Awards 2003

Written By: Tallulah on 11/12/03 at 10:16 a.m.

The relevant one might be http://www.men-arena.com/ which is the MEN Arena site or http://www.manchesteronline.co.uk/today/ which is the website for the Manchester Evening News (newspaper).

Hope this helps Philbo  :D