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Subject: I need some advice...

Written By: Senior-ita on 12/10/03 at 08:53 a.m.

Hi people
Lemme start off by saying that I am member of the boards but I am too embarrassed to reveal myself. With that being said here's what I need advice on:
You see, I've managed to develop an extreme attraction to this guy who works with me. We have soooo much in common, we get along fine and he flirts with me constantly. The Problem? There is a seven year age difference between us. I guess it wouldn't have been such a problem if I was 37 and he was thirty BUT I'm twenty four and he is 16!! He'll be 17 in a couple of days. IF you met him you'd be thrown off by how mature he is, I darn near fainted when he told me his age.
Now I do know that in our state the age of consent is 16 so i won't be breaking any laws, but I still feel like I'm doing something wrong. What do you guys think about this? I need honest opinions please...Thanks

Subject: Re: I need some advice...

Written By: karen (Guest) on 12/10/03 at 09:10 a.m.

I think you should go for it.  I'm sure some people will pass comment at the age difference but you've already said how mature he seems. As you say if you were 37 and he 30 would anyone comment?  Probably not.

You may be turning down the love of your life just because of what other people might say.


Subject: Re: I need some advice...

Written By: ladybug316 on 12/10/03 at 10:30 a.m.

I have to disagree about this.  If you were 37 and he was 30 I would say yes.  You would both have more life experience.  16 just seems too young.  

Let me bore you with a little story, though.  When I was 21 I met a guy who was 30 and of course I thought he was ANCIENT!! He was balding and he was sort of sick of going to bars and all that good stuff you live for at 21.  He was a super guy though.  We remained friends and when I grew up a bit (about 3 years later), I realized what a catch he was.  We've been married for 4 years now.

I just think that he's got a lot more living to do and that may sound shallow but it seems to be the reason that most May/December relationships don't last.

Of course, you can just ignore this whole post and go with your heart and I'll wish you good luck. :D

Subject: Re: I need some advice...

Written By: Child_of_the_80s on 12/10/03 at 10:57 a.m.

Where were you when I WAS 16!LOL!I wouldnt get too attached to him he is still a kid!You would have to chaperone him to see a Rated R movie.You cant take him to a bar or club.Eventually you'll find a man.....hey Im single ;)

Subject: Re: I need some advice...

Written By: CatwomanofV on 12/10/03 at 11:36 a.m.

Usually age doesn't matter (my husband is 17 years older then I am) but, 16 is a bit too young. My advice is to wait until he a few years older. I know there are some women who enjoy playing "Mrs. Robinson" but if it is a serious relationship you would like with this guy, I would wait.