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Subject: How dumb are your state's laws?

Written By: Mike_Florio on 12/18/03 at 08:21 p.m.


but not to fear, non-USA-er's, theres more for you at: www.dumblaws.com

Subject: Re: How dumb are your state's laws?

Written By: @ssKicker on 12/19/03 at 10:14 a.m.

Scottish laws:

You may not fish on Sundays for salmon.
It is illegal to be a drunk in possession of a cow.
Trespassing on someone else's land is legal.
If someone knocks on your door and requires the use of your commode, you must let them enter.

The trespassing one is a bit of a misnomer. You are allowed to trespass, but you are not allowed to mess anything up in case the owner takes you to court over criminal damage. For example, when I was about seven, we used to go and play in the wheatfield in our village (in the spring, when they weren't harvesting- it could have been nasty otherwise!) but we used to  part the wheat and walk between the stems, rather than trample on it. If we'd done that, we would have been breaking the law. It was actually an advantage when playing hide-and-seek, because the wheat sprung back up and covered your tracks.

I didn't know about the last one, though. Blimey!

Subject: Re: How dumb are your state's laws?

Written By: CatwomanofV on 12/19/03 at 12:18 a.m.

-Women must obtain written permission from their husbands to wear false teeth.
-At one time it was illegal to tie a giraffe to a telephone pole.
-Whistling underwater is illegal

There is a city in my state that has a law that all residents shall bathe every Saturday night. I'm glad I don't live in that city. I take a bath once a year whether I need it or not.  ;) ;D


Subject: Re: How dumb are your state's laws?

Written By: jesuisunpizza on 12/19/03 at 12:46 a.m.

Canadian Laws:

-Comic books which depict any illegal acts are banned.
-35% of a radio stations content must be "Canadian Content".
-You may not pay for a fifty-cent item with only pennies.
-Citizens may not publicly remove bandages.
-It is illegal for clear or non-dark sodas to contain caffeine. (Repealed)
-No one in Canada may watch or listen to an encrypted broadcast which is not licensed by the Canadian government. This means using US satellite systems such as "DirecTV" is illegal.
-It is illegal to kill a sick person by frightening them.
-It is illegal to pretend to practice witchcraft.

Subject: Re: How dumb are your state's laws?

Written By: odd X socks on 12/20/03 at 10:33 a.m.

# It is illegal to have over 16 women live in a house together because that constitutes a brothel. However up to 120 men can live together, without breaking the law.
# It it illegal to sleep on top of a refrigerator outdoors.
# Any motorist driving along a country road at night must stop every mile and send up a rocket signal, wait 10 minutes for the road to be cleared of livestock, and continue.
# You may not sing in the bathtub.
i don't break the law. ;)
# Any motorist who sights a team of horses coming toward him must pull well off the road, cover his car with a blanket or canvas that blends with the countryside, and let the horses pass. If the horses appear skittish, the motorist must take his car apart, piece by piece, and hide it under the nearest bushes.
good god.
# There is a ban on men becoming aroused in public.
this is even funnier when you've been to this city. ;D
# All fire hydrants must be checked one hour before all fires.

the site also considered "all liquor stores must be state owned" and "cars may not be sold on sundays" to be dumb laws, but i didn't think that was all that unusual. ???

Subject: Re: How dumb are your state's laws?

Written By: Junior on 12/20/03 at 11:53 a.m.

North Carolina

- Persons in possession of illegal substances must pay taxes on them. However, paying taxes on these items does not make them legal.
- Organizations may not hold their meetings while the members present are in costume.
- Bingo games may not last over 5 hours unless it is held at a fair.
- Serving alcohol at a bingo game is not allowed.
- No one may be a professional fortune-teller, and if one wishes to pursue the practice as an amateur, it must be practiced in a school or church.
- It's against the law to sing off key. ;D ;D
- Elephants may not be used to plow cotton fields.
- If a man and a woman who aren't married go to a hotel/motel and register themselves as married then, according to state law, they are legally married.
- All couples staying overnight in a hotel must have a room with double beds that are at least two feet apart. Making love in the space between the beds is strictly forbidden.
- It is illegal to have sex in a churchyard.  ::)

ETA: To add the state.

Subject: Re: How dumb are your state's laws?

Written By: @ssKicker on 12/20/03 at 12:10 a.m.

Odd X Socks- all liquor stores have to be state-owned?! Blimey, that's almost Communism!