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Subject: post your joke here ;)

Written By: baileybird on 07/04/04 at 6:09 am

post your joke here ;)

here are few flash movies for good mood

Subject: Re: post your joke here ;)

Written By: saver on 07/04/04 at 9:54 pm

Two Robins were sitting in a tree when they saw a yardful of worms below them.
One said to the other, "Let's go get filled up!", and they swoop down and fill their little stomachs. ' Well, time to go back to the next!" One bird said. The other said: 'Not right now,let's just sit back on the grass and bask awhile in the nice sun!" "Sure, let's do that!' the other said.''

A little time goes by and they are eaten!!! by a nearby cat whothen says:
"MMMMMM!!! I LOVE baskin' robins!!!"

(I tried)....

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