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Subject: Favourite palindromes?

Written By: Stompgal on 07/08/04 at 3:51 am

A palindrome is a word or a phrase tha is the same backwards as it is written normally. They can also be sentences and names.
Ah, Satan sees Natasha
I prefer Pi
Straw warts
Star 4 rats

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Subject: Re: Favourite palindromes?

Written By: Sentimentalist on 07/08/04 at 3:55 am

I just like A toyota!
God lyk!

Subject: Re: Favourite palindromes?

Written By: BrianMannixGirl on 07/08/04 at 5:41 am

We have an aussie town called GLENELG

Subject: Re: Favourite palindromes?

Written By: lebeiw15 on 07/08/04 at 12:18 pm

I, man, am regal -- a German am I
Never odd or even
If I had a hi-fi
Madam, I'm Adam
Too hot to hoot
No lemons, no melon
Too bad I hid a boot
Lisa Bonet ate no basil
Warsaw was raw
Was it a car or a cat I saw?
Rise to vote, sir
Do geese see God?
"Do nine men interpret?" "Nine men," I nod
Rats live on no evil star
Won't lovers revolt now?
Race fast, safe car
Pa's a sap
Ma is as selfless as I am
May a moody baby doom a yam?
Ah Satan sees Natasha
No devil lived on
Lonely Tylenol
Not a banana baton
No "x" in "Nixon"
O, stone, be not so
O Geronimo, no minor ego
"Naomi", I moan
"A Toyota's a Toyota"
A dog, a panic in a pagoda
Oh, no! Don Ho!
Nurse, I spy gypsies -- run!
Senile felines
Now I see bees I won
UFO tofu
We panic in a pew
Oozy rat in a sanitary zoo
God! A red nugget! A fat egg under a dog!
Go hang a salami, I'm a lasagna hog

Subject: Re: Favourite palindromes?

Written By: Bobo on 07/08/04 at 12:23 pm

One of my favourite palindromes at the moment is the seven-letter word HAQIQAH, which is also notable for having two qophs in it which make the presence of a u in both cases a non-starter. Perdy cool.

Subject: Re: Favourite palindromes?

Written By: philbo on 07/13/04 at 5:38 pm

I found this on my hard drive today, amongst a whole load of word puzzles and the like, dated 1997 - so it's been there a while, but there are some super ones:

    O, no!
    Do God!
    We few.
    Go, dog!
    Old? Lo!
    Top pot.
    A Toyota.
    Top spot.
    Live evil.
    Semi limes
    Stun nuts.
    Taft: fat!
    Go do, dog.
    Never even.
    Stop spots.
    Regal lager.
    Dot sees Tod.
    Lepers repel.
    Ma has a ham.
    Dennis sinned.
    Sir, I'm Iris.
    Dee saw a seed.
    Del saw a sled.
    I met System I.
    Lee had a heel.
    Lonely Tylenol.
    Not so, Boston.
    Senile felines.
    Sup not on pus.
    "Naomi," I Moan.
    He won snow, eh?
    Laid on no dial.
    Name no one man.
    Peel Sam asleep.
    Redraw a warder.
    Step on no pets.
    Do geese see God?
    Ed is on no side.
    Emil saw a slime.
    Dot saw I was Tod.
    Eros' sis is sore.
    Gateman's nametag.
    God saw I was dog!
    Lem saw I was Mel.
    Naomi, did I moan?
    Never odd or even.
    Rise to vote, sir.
    Sleep on no peels.
    Enid and Edna dine.
    He stops spots, eh?
    Revenge Meg? Never!
    Sleep not on peels.
    Was it a rat I saw?
    Wendel's sled: new?
    A Toyota's a Toyota.
    No lemons, no melon.
    O, stone, be not so.
    God, a saw was a dog!
    Ma is a nun, as I am.
    No, I met System Ion.
    No, it is opposition.
    Now I see bees I won.
    Delia saw I was ailed.
    Dr. Lime, 121 Emil Rd.
    He goddam mad dog, eh?
    He harasses Sarah, eh?
    Niagara, O roar again!
    No evil shah lives on.
    Dennis and Edna sinned.
    Rats drown in WordStar.
    Star comedy: Democrats!
    Drat Saddam mad dastard.
    He lived as a devil, eh?
    He won a Toyota now, eh?
    Red rum, sir, is murder.
    Sit on a potato pan Otis!
    A slut nixes sex in Tulsa.
    A slut nixes sex in Tulsa.
    Ma is as selfless as I am.
    Nurse, I spy gupsies, run!
    Rats live on no evil star.
    Slap a ham on Omaha, pals!
    Top step's pup's pet spot.
    A dog! A panic in a pagoda!
    Go deliver a dare, vile dog.
    I won, Karen, an era know I.
    May a moody baby doom a yam?
    Murder for a jar of red rum.
    No "x" in "Mr. R. M. Nixon"?
    Swen, on gnus, sung no news.
    Ten animals I slam in a net.
    Was it Eliot's toilet I saw?
    Was it a car or a cat I saw?
    Al lets Della call Ed Stella.
    No, she stops spots, eh, son?
    Eros?  Sidney, my end is sore!
    Devil Natasha, ah, Satan lived.
    Draw, O Caeser, erase a coward.
    Emil's Nip eels sleep in slime!
    Did Eve salt an atlas?  Eve did.
    I, man, am regal; a German am I.
    Golf? No sir, prefer prison flog.
    No pinot noir on Orion to nip on.
    O, memsahib Bart, rabbi has memo.
    Trap all afoot; I too fall apart.
    Evil I did dwell; lewd did I live.
    Norma is as selfless as I am, Ron.
    "Naomi, sex at noon taxes," I moan.
    Yo, bad anaconda had no Canada boy.
    "Asi, Buenos Dias!" said Son Eubisa.
    Egad! A base tone denotes a bad age.
    Egad, a base life defiles a bad age.
    Kay, a red nude, peeped under a yak.
    Satan, oscillate my metallic sonatas.
    Sums are not set as a test on Erasmus.
    Marge lets Norah see Sharon's telegram.
    Red dude kill lion. No ill-liked udder.
    Anna: "Did Otto peep?" Otto: "Did Anna?"
    Address of Emil Otto Lime: Fosse Rd., DA.
    Aim a Toyota tatami mat at a Toyota, Mia.
    Did I draw Della too tall, Edward? I did?
    I roamed under it as a tired, nude Maori.
    He won't, ah, wander, Edna.  What now, eh?
    To Peru, named llama mall 'De Manure Pot'.
    Anne, I vote more cars race Rome to Vienna.
    Stop, Syrian! I start at rats in airy spots.
    I roamed under rats as a starred, nude Maori.
    Paget saw an Irish tooth, Sir, in a waste gap.
    We few erase cares, Al; laser aces are we few.
    Level? No, I tan, I'm at no contamination level.
    Straw? No, too stupid a fad; I put soot on warts.
    Live dirt up a side track carted is a putrid evil.
    No gnu have never after fret far, even Eva hung on.
    Now, Ned, I am a maiden nun; Ned, I am a maiden won.
    We repaid a no name Pacific ape man on a diaper, ew!
    Here we no got conical ill lilac in octogon ewer, eh?
    Salamander a ton now. Raw war won not, a Red Nam, alas.
    I prevent U-boats, tar, evil live rats, Tao but never pi.
    Fool! A dog lives sad a boxer, Rex. O bad ass evil god aloof!
    'Tenor Octopus Night' netted a cadet tenth ginsu pot, coronet.
    Won total, I am a pro. Bali radar I labor. Pa, mail a tot now!
    Yo, boy! Trap gnus, nude. 'Kangaroo Rag' naked unsung party, O boy!
    Did I strap red nude, red rump, also slap murdered underparts? I did!
    Doc, note: I dissent.  A fast never prevents a fatness.  I diet on cod.
    So regards Rat's Lib: regrets no more hero monster gerbil stars' drag Eros.
    Degas, are we not drawn onward, we freer few, drawn onward to new eras aged?
    Garret, I ogle. Enemy democrats party; trap star comedy men, eel goiter rag.
    Named undenominationally rebel, I rile Beryl?  La, no! I tan.  I'm, O Ned, nude, man!
    Sagas emit taxes, rat snot, or pastrami. I'm Arts, a proton star - sex at times a gas.
    Dr. Ana, Cataracts. Uranium enema smarts if fist rams, Amen! Emu in a rust car at a canard.
    T. Eliot, top bard, notes putrid tang emanating, is sad; I'd assign it a name: gnat dirt upset on drab pot toilet.

Subject: Re: Favourite palindromes?

Written By: Philip Eno on 01/26/08 at 3:42 am

Desserts - Stressed

Subject: Re: Favourite palindromes?

Written By: Howard on 01/26/08 at 7:16 am


Subject: Re: Favourite palindromes?

Written By: audkal on 01/26/08 at 9:07 pm

"Otto" from The Simpsons.  8)

Subject: Re: Favourite palindromes?

Written By: loki 13 on 01/26/08 at 9:18 pm

Able was I ere I saw Elba

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