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Subject: help to find!!!

Written By: cheekychops on 01/09/05 at 6:02 pm

Question I would like to ask pls  :)
I really hope you don't mind but i'd like to ask you about a toy This has been driving me mad for years not knowing what it was! description:(from what i can remember) roughly 6 inches tall, solid plastic doll with a huge solid plastic head with moulded on brown hair wearing a material 70's dress and when you pulled her head away from it's body on a string it used to shout "I'm losing my head" or something like that! I remember playing with it when i was younger i was born 1975 so could be late 70's to late 80's toy.I hope you don't think i'm mental but i would love to know what it was and if anyone would know i think it would be you! many thanks xx 

Subject: Re: help to find!!!

Written By: 80s Lady on 01/10/05 at 6:10 pm

Well, if you're mental for wanting to find this doll, then I'm mental for remembering this stupid little thing!!!  I got her at my best friend's birthday party when I was about 10ish or so for winning a game of pin the tail on the donkey.  Big deal?  Nope, but I won the game by cheating.....I could see through the cloth over my eyes and I FOREVER felt guilty about winning this doll by cheating.  Everytime I played with her and she said "Whoops, I lost my head for a moment" then let out that psychotic little giggle, it reminded me of cheating to win the game.  Oh what a mockery!!!!  LOL   :-

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