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Subject: Battle of the Avatars, Round 1: FIGHT!

Written By: Apricot on 03/05/05 at 7:24 pm

Sire Ship Runner The Twelvth and Lady Dinkadoo meet at the center of the field. Ship Runner is a majestic Bronco, his hair gleaming in the sun, on his face a furious determination. Dinkadoo is a tall, muscular man {the crowd is puzzled as to why her title is "Lady" and why she is so manly} with dark hair and a large chin. They begin to battle.

Dinkadoo begins the match with a quick strike. Out of nowhere, Ship Runner must deal with the humiliation of being struck first, above all, he hath been BITCHSLAPPED! He will not stand for this. He quickly punches, but Dinkadoo grabs his arm and parries. She flips him onto his back.

The Bronco has fallen! He is down, and shows no signs of getting up! Is all lost?

No. It is not, for Ship Runner is back on his feet. Dinkadoo is charging him, however! Acting quickly, he unveils his secret weapon:

That's right, kids, Ship Runner hath concealed a firearm. He shoots quickly, and Dinkadoo is down for the count.

Winner: Sire Ship Runner The Twelvth
Dinkadoo: Pwn3ed.

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