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Subject: A Bit of my Bear mythology revised

Written By: Full_House_Fan on 03/05/05 at 10:17 pm



Many years ago., in the early days of the world of Eria, the bears of Grizzla abused their land.  Many polluted their rivers, overfished, overfarmed, and dammed the swift rivers. They were soon forced to leave their homeland and go west to the countries of Har and Sonfe. One group settled the Far West of Berth, who at one time dwelt in Sonfe. They were called the Meklish, the "mountain lovers".
After some time the Meklish moved to the vale of the Teepi River. There they built Mekel Dwellin. They also cultivated a newly-bred berry, the huckleberry. They had several cities on the coast of the Ooligan Ocean, the most important the southern fishing port of Teapi.
One day the fisherbears of Teapi saw a light in the distance. It quickly rushed to a point about two thousand feet from the beach.
"Who are you?" questioned the mayor, now scared. The light quickly came to the port.
It said, "I come from the Donut Lands. Why are you here?"
The mayor of Teapi lied in the Meklish tongue, "We sook land in the West."
The light said, now loudly, "I know that you lie. Your ancestors abused your homeland, so you have settled in our realm. You may dwelleth here, but I have removed the Plate of Berth. Slowly
your land will sink, but you may go far across many leagues of sea." Not expecting an answer, the mayor heard the light say, "I am the lead Steward of the World. I am not the lead of the entire Cosmos, but in your realm I am very powerful."
The light left. The town was in awe for weeks.
Most of the Hucklelands sunk beneath the sea later. They established exile realms west of the Ooligan Ocean and in other areas.



There was an angel that was summoned by the Creator to take human form. He was to design a land through drawing by the will of Ace. He incarnated into a Native American.
One day he walked in the woods near the river Oorigan (probably the Fraser River) and took notes about the land. Later he drew a map of his imagination. He had a strange feeling in his mind as he did it. The land had seas and very large rivers and was originally very mountainous. There was the world and a disk outside of the world called Outer Earth, or the Donut Lands.
One day he set out on the ocean in his canoe and didn't go over the horizon. He later took sight of a land strange to him.  This country was the east shore of Berth. He became a bear and found that he could speak the bear’s languages. The bears that he met called him Mekel, smart one.


When the Meklish lived in the Burd River Valley in Sonfe they were great blackberry
farmers. They traded with the grizzlies of Har much of their blackberry crop.
One farm bear named Gerbald went to the western march of Sonfe on the east slopes of the Melic Mountains. There he found a previous unknown type of berries. Elderberith he called them, elderberries. He took them back to his blackberry farm.
There he grew many elderberries, and they sold very well. Soon most of his farm was cultivated with the elderberries. Gerbald crossbred elderberry and blackberry plants and planted the seeds in one of his rows of crops.

A strange, delicious berry resulted. Gerbald called them hukelberith, or huckleberries.

The first row of huckleberries sold so well that bears that bought them planted the seeds in their farms and gardens. Soon most farms in the Burd Valley (including ol' Gerbald's) were planted almost completely with huckleberries. They gave some to the grizzlies of Har, and there the Harians
grew them. When certain tribes from Har and from the Burd Valley moved to the Teepi River Valley they cultivated the huckleberries there.

Huckleberries became so popular that they became the Teepi River Valley's country's emblem, and the country itself, Mekelind, was renamed the Hucklelands.

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