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Subject: Messageboard postings as a legacy of life

Written By: goodsin on 03/25/05 at 12:30 pm

Hi folks. It often enters my head that if I were to die, then the most tangible record of my personality would be on this site. I don't speak to my parental family very often, there are many things I have posted here that I would never discuss with them. I have a journal at home that I write in very occasionally, but the mainstay of my writings are here, trivial as they generally are. I'm thinking of including a list of sites I post on in my 'death box' (something I prepared in case I ever do die suddenly, with last wishes & tributes to people etc), so that people whom I've not contacted for a while would at least have the comfort of knowing what my mental state was prior (if not immediately prior) to my death.

It also strikes me that the 'net has enabled a lot more people to publish their writings than ever before. Even if it's just trivia, someone the other side of the world can share it, which I think is great. I just feel sad that in the future, much of these writings may be lost; I'm thinking waaay in the future here. Currently, we can read a book with no other apparatus than our own bodies (and maybe a light!), whereas you need electronic equipment to view web writings. The info in a book could survive being buried 1,000 years, yet somebody who knew the language of authorship would be able to glean facts from it, whereas if a CD were found, they probably wouldn't have the equipment to do anything with it.

We are part of a living legacy! (this post was prompted by GWB2004 posting some of Jeffrey Weise's entries on a Nazi website- if this guy had died 20 years ago, his thoughts may have been written down, but it's doubtful that as many people would get the opportunity to view them as they would via the 'net today.). Anyone else ever considered this?

Subject: Re: Messageboard postings as a legacy of life

Written By: jaytee on 03/26/05 at 8:04 am

I have often thought about this.  Technology has certainly broadened our horizons.  I often think of a friend of mine who had breast cancer.  She used to talk to people all over the world suffering with the same disease.  She'd often be comparing notes with women in England, America, New Zealand and she really found a friend in a woman from Denmark.  It's amazing that she had a support network that covered the globe.  I think if I was her daughter, in years to come I would like to read her e-mails that she sent to all those friends.  I'm sure they'd give her daughter an in- sight into what her mother went through and the messages of encouragement she gave to other people would also be interesting reading.

I often wonder too that if I got run over by a bus tomorrow and stopped posting would anyone really give a big rats. 

Subject: Re: Messageboard postings as a legacy of life

Written By: BrianMannixGirl on 03/27/05 at 3:51 am

I often wonder too that if I got run over by a bus tomorrow and stopped posting would anyone really give a big rats. 

Awwwww I would !

Saying that - I have a group of friends worldwide that I have been chatting and posting with since 1998.  One member was in Adelaide and months went by without hearing from him last year. Then one day one of us got an email from his wife - he got a brain tumour and died in September. His wife had no idea what his password to his puter was so she couldnt access anything.  She finally got a techo to get into it and she was able to reply to some emails to let people know about him.

So it got me to thinking - so I made a disc filled with the links to all my favourite forums, and my nicknames and passwords etc, and a list of email addresses etc etc. I gave it to my mum and she knows how to use it should anything nasty ever happen to me.

I dont think its any different to making your donor wishes and funeral plans known. Its just all part of assisting the person who has to deal with all that cr#p after you are gone.

And yes - our blogs remain out there in the universe - filled with our inermost thoughts and opinions. Living on despite us !!

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