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Subject: Fanfics and Personality Tweaks

Written By: Airrider on 07/06/05 at 9:19 am

Anyone who is a Kirby fan, a Chobits fan, or in my case, both, you might be interested in something I'm planning. I am attempting to write some fanfics based on a Kirby/Chobits crossover under the name "Kirby Air Ride: Destinies". The whole story starts when the Live Peep manager stumbles upon NME and becomes its latest customer, becoming evil and the like. He seeks revenge on Chii and Freya, who gets a new body in my stories. Meanwhile, it's been 5 years after the events in Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, with the other Kirbies and some new-colored Kirbies gaining unique personalities and appearances. Air Ride has become the ultimate supersonic motorsport, and the Chobits cast is caught in the middle. In the midst of it all, there are subtle (and some not-so-subtle) personality tweaks and each diffreent colored Kirby has a new, unique name. The following is a list of personality tweaks for Chobits characters, Kirby characters, and original characters. I'm posting them here so people can give me ideas on how to improve what is here. Any comments would help, but blatant flames will be ignored or reported if they're bad enough.

Chobits Cast Personality Tweaks

Chii: Chii is a little smarter than before, and has some moments of cleverness. She becomes somewhat of a damsel in distress often (a la Penelope Pitstop or others).

Freya: Since I'm planning on giving Freya her own body, it was necessary to give her a personality beyond her "Use the Force, Chii"-type comments. She becomes a big sister to Chii and becomes a little extravagant. Ditto on the damsel in distress thing.

Hideki: What's there to change? maybe if he becomes an Air Ride pilot, he'll need to get some yellow off his belly...

Ms. Hibiya: Kirby and a few other puffballs will become extra tenants, and considering most of them would have rather juvenile demeanors, Ms. Hibiya, the landlady, becomes sort of mother-ish. Couple that with Freya being around...yeah.

Minoru: Minoru starts to become marginally Icchan-ish. Don't worry, he's still quiet and reserved, but has the occasional mad-scientist and "What the hell are we doing?!" moments.

Yuzuki: Yuzuki becomes the shy one.

Sumomo: Sumomo goes on the whole "I am a hero for justice" trip. I'd like some advice on if she should go all-out on this or not.

Kotoko: Kotoko becomes the Anakin to Sumomo's Obi-Wan. I'd like a suggestion if it should degenerate to "Battle of the Heroes" level.

Kojima (Dragonfly): Dragonfly starts to develop an, uh... unhealthy interest in Chii and Freya. Expect him to keep the two Chobits bound and gagged somewhere for one fic. Expect several Kirbies to initiate a high-speed chase and royally blast him to Timbuktu. Maybe I'd like a suggestion on if Chii or Freya should escape before that, or if they stay trussed up like good persocoms...
...That didn't come out right, did it?

Kirby Characters Tweaks

Kirby: Kirby is still the childish little puffball he's always been, but is also very experienced in battling baddies. Expect the battle-hardened side of him to come out every so often. Should I give him problems with traumatic flashbacks in one installment or not?

King Dedede: This is a burned-out King Dedede. He's had it with Kirby and his antics, but is too battle-weary to do anything serious about it.

Escargoon: Escargoon is sick of being in Triple D's shadow. Every Air Ride race is another opportunity for him to get priority over his king for once in his book.

Original Characters and Personalities

Airrider (red Kirby): Yes, one with my screenname, but he's no Mary Jane, or Peggy Sue, or whatever those kinds of characters are. He's brash, headstrong, and hotheaded. He always has the latest technology, a curse as well as a blessing. A genius at some times, has the intellect of a bottle of ketchup at others.

Cmdr. Darien Bryce (white Kirby): Tough flyboy who lives life one dogfight to the next. For all his guts and salt, he can't seem to get a break. His ship is under constant repair, he is always late with bills, library books, etc.

Great Eagle (yellow Kirby): Can't keep him down. The now-cyborg victim of a terrible racing crash. The Lance Armstrong of the Kirby set.

Greenbak (green Kirby): Just a boi in da hood, dig it yo!

Jocko Saragosta (blue Kirby): An insufferable showoff. Has a problem with sweets.

Loki Saragosta (Airrider's dark "twin"): Yes, an allusion to Chobits. Loki is Airrider's rival. Quiet, but has an affinity for trash talk. Keeps a huge arsenal hidden inside a black cape.

Once again, any comments and/or suggestions would be appreciated.

Subject: Re: Fanfics and Personality Tweaks

Written By: Step-chan on 07/12/05 at 2:46 pm

I like it, some of it made me laugh too, it looks like it could be very good. So you're having Dragonfly become very umm... dirty?(It matches well) ;D :D

Well, anyway... My story would be sort of a Please Twins!, Arc the Lad crossover. I don't have anything wrote yet, but I'll get character bios ready and post soon(I'll ask Red Ant if I can include him in on it as well, like I did in the parody).

Subject: Re: Fanfics and Personality Tweaks

Written By: Step-chan on 09/08/05 at 2:31 pm


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