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Subject: If You were a Casting Director - who and why? Part I Scooby Doo

Written By: Harmonica on 01/08/06 at 11:39 pm

Sometimes when I watch a movie I can't be thankful enough for who they cast as a character.  Other times the guy/girl that casted a certain actor for a part, I want to "Slap a them silly!"

I personally can not see anyone better than Donald Pleasence as Dr. Sam Loomis or Christopher Loyd as Doc Emmett L Brown. Can you honestly imagine anyone playing Dr. Hannibal Lector better than Anthony Hopkins did. (That includes Brian Cox).   

Of course there are always movies, tons of which I can't think of now, but a lot where I see a person cast in a certain role and think to myself, NO!!!!  For example although I think highly of him as an actor, George Clooney was a horrible Batman.   

This leads me to the fun of this topic.   I was not happy with the cast of Scooby Doo. I thought that they concentrated on making the characters too young and not enough on making them demensional.  Although I thought Matthew Lillard did an excellent job as Shaggy, I thought Freddie Prince Jr wasn't that good of a Freddie and Sarah Michelle Gueller was a horrible Dafney.

Harmonica's Casting of Scooby Doo

Freddy - Mark Paul Gosselaar    He has the frame, he has the attitude, he has the look.  In all sense of reality his character Zach Morris that he played had many similarties to that of Freddy on the old cartoons of Scooby Doo.

Daffny - Kerri Green -  Not only does she have a great look to play the part of Daffny but she has the attitude and spunk that the character had in the cartoon. 

Velma - (one of my main problems with Scooby Doo as it stands is that Velma is way to attractive.  Linda Cardellini is way to beautiful of a woman to even be considered the part and if Hollywood had half the sense in realization that they do in sexual appeal, they would have seen this.)  My Pick goes to Torri Spelling who in her own right is a very pretty woman but not to the extent that so many other Hollywood girls are. I am in no way shape or form calling her ugly, cause I don't think she is ugly, I think she's beautiful but here me out when I say that she has more of a "real" life image than so many of her counter parts.   I've seen her play the nerdy type in more than one occasion and thought she pulled it off magnificantly.  I think she would have made a very fine Velma.

Shaggy - In my opinion Matthew Lillard was excellent, I probably would have cast him myself.

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