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Subject: Automatic Typing

Written By: Trimac20 on 07/06/06 at 1:50 pm

I'm sure you've all heard of 'Automatic Writing' - where you just scribble whatever first comes to mind on a piece of paper for a certain amount of time and see what you get. You're supposed to free yourself from conscious thought - not to really 'think', but let the subconscious do the writing. I thought it'd be interesting if we tried it out. I'll start:

The sun stole weird ranbow from little green Timmy Johns who lived in a hill surrounded by fences as high as moats of diamond coloured waters infested by sharks which were weirdly shaped and had tooth-aches from eating candy bunny rabits. Then the world seemed to dissappear and the gnome found himself in a rainbowworld where everyone looked like candy-shops and he said he wanted to go to the cloud lands...

It helps alot if you shut your eyes. It's surprising how little conscious thought I put into that - I just let the subconscious ramble's much easier to do then you'd think...

Subject: Re: Automatic Typing

Written By: lorac61469 on 07/06/06 at 2:04 pm

It helps alot if you shut your eyes. It's surprising how little conscious thought I put into that - I just let the subconscious ramble's much easier to do then you'd think...

Sounds like a good idea, however there are some of us who need to look at thier finger when they type.  If I closed my eyes it would look something like this.

I jowew swew rhe kets goto thjwea west to, ..>  Lop toad terrum.  :D


Subject: Re: Automatic Typing

Written By: MLB on 07/06/06 at 3:10 pm

this shouldn't be called automatic typing unless you have voice recognition typing for you!

Actually this is a popular exercise at school for essays when you are blocked n'don't know what to say.u keep the pen/hand on keyboard
moving and write whatever then when you edit later sometimes it works and you have a great story that works--flows and or makes sense;
and sometimes you just have a lot of little musings on a bit of paper or "air space" as the case is here.

Subject: Re: Automatic Typing

Written By: La Roche on 07/06/06 at 5:02 pm

as he raises his arms to the morning sun the bird attacks and swoops down diving in to him with its vicious talons. he slowly raises his fist and strikes the creature dead before cutting it's head off with a shattered compact disc and jabbing it with a biro repreatedly. he grabs his microphone and sings a song to the world about necrophilia and then rams a car door in to his brothers head. he is angry and rightfully so because his wife ran away in the morning with the lead singer of chicago who was singing that song about not being able to fight some feeling and then i saw my cell phone and remote control and realised i was the guy but i don't have a wife or brother so how could it have been me. very confusing and makes me wonder about the sanity of the universe as a whole so i asked myself a new question. can you dig a hole to the center of the earth the answer should be written on a postcard that has the blood of your enemy on it and written in invisible permanent black ink maybe even with a rose petal or something on the envelope because rose petals are pretty pretty. if you know what i mean. it's sometimes hard to capitalise and then i think about orchids, they are probably my favourite flowers, i like dark ones, orchids are one of the only flowers i've seen that can actually look black. i had an incredibly good kebab a minute ago, it was made by a guy i went to high school with, i hadn't seen him in nearly 4 years so it was a nice suprise, i told him where i lived and what i do and he bored me by telling me the same thing.

Wow.. I never talk about flowers.. interesting.

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