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Subject: "It's Your Business"

Written By: Sammy Reed on 08/24/06 at 10:31 pm

Does anyone out there remember the public-affairs show "It's Your Business"? I guess a lot of stations put it on what I call their Sunday afternoon graveyard schedules. On our station, it was after "This Is the Life" and before the Vols football preview show.

It had this amazon hostess named Meryl Comer, and these 4 different guys each week - senators, company presidents, etc. - discussing a different topic.

"SCTV" parodied this show. I think they called it a different name and they called her a different name, but for those who watched "It's Your Business", it was obvious. The topic was "Is The Flintstones a ripoff of The Honeymooners?", and these important-looking guys were trying to fight each other over this issue with that poor woman trying to hold them back during the "Thursdays at 9" ending. It was just all too bizarre and hilarious!

Anyway. I got a big-dish satellite system in 1993, and was surprised to find out that "It's Your Business" was still going! The same hostess I had a teen crush on was there, with some grey hair but still OK-looking! The show lasted until 1998.

I looked up "Meryl Comer" online, and I found out her husband had Alzheimer's disease. Here's a report that was on Jim Lehrer's NewsHour on July 31. You can watch streaming video of the report.
All I can say is, all my best to her husband and her during this time.

If it's not inappropriate to bring this up right now, dang, she still looks great!

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