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Subject: Death Threats to HULK HOGAN!!

Written By: haleym8826 on 06/16/08 at 7:19 pm

I am watching this on the new right now and it is like completely insane. Not just because someone is actually brave enough to threaten HULK HOGAN, but because of some of the stuff this guy is saying.

this guy on a recorded phone message is threatening hogan's life along with his family's life. He is saying that he is going to make hogans son suck is d*ck and how hogan's wife and beating some 19 year old and sucking him and he is calling brook and linda whores and telling hogan that his son is going to bleed slow. this is like horrifying. what would make someone do this, to HULK HOGAN none the less

Ok so they just went deaper into the news report and apparently the threats are being made because nick was drinking and driving and got into an accident. The other driver in the accident is now a vegetable with sever brain damage and all nick and hogan can think of is making a reality show out of nick recovery after getting out of jail. It really is amazing how ignorant rich people are.

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