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Subject: Can Someone Explain Fios to Me

Written By: danootaandme on 07/05/08 at 8:20 pm

I had a salesman come by and sign me up for Fios, but after he left I felt a bit railroaded, since I have a couple of days to cancel can someone explain to me if it is worth it.  I don't have cable or anything like that on the television, strictly antenna, so it will only cover telephone land line and internet.  I tried to call Verizon to get answers to questions but that is useless, all computerized, not even someone from India.

Subject: Re: Can Someone Explain Fios to Me

Written By: ChEcKeReD DeMoN on 07/05/08 at 8:47 pm

FIOS is a fiber optic method of delivering internet, tv etc, to your house.
Wires are replaced with hi-tech lite beam stuff.
BE WARNED : Part of getting Fios installed means Verizon TEARING OUT all the hard wiring
in your house. If you dont like it or your bill starts to mysteriously triple shortly after
installation like happens with any Verizon product, you will have to pay a contractor to
rewire your house.

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