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Subject: About the Gas Prices!!!

Written By: Shacks Train on 09/18/08 at 4:29 pm

Just thinking about what the actual losses by fuel companies actually were & don't they get a pay off from insurance??as well as gouge the public!!!
Seems funny to me that a large corp. wouldn't have insurance!??
& water in the tanks is nothing as it is part of the refinery process!!!
All diesels are equip with water separator's!!!
So if all the tanks were drained dry thats just an environment hazard.......a contamination of water is just a re- refine step!........
Why do the companies build these refineries so close to natural disaster sites?
The CEO's of these oil companies should be taken out back & be beaten like Dog!!!
About time the public sets demands on the politicians to regulate oil companies!!!
The only thing they should be allowed to pass on to the customer is savings..They got a control problem.Too damn bad for them.Deal with it & take the loss in 1/4ly profits..& stop rapeing the public for their bad fortune!

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